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Can CEOs Teach Business Better Than Professors? Ft. Pratham M, Masters' Union

What if your b school professors are people who hold top positions with the likes of McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BCG, Nielson, and more? What if the CEOs of

Fair Warning To IIM Aspirants From An IIM Alumnus

Firstly, I salute InsideIIM’s mission to educate the aspiring millions who are investing their millions, looking to enter the hallowed portals, about the ground realities. As someone who has had

5 Predictions About MBA And MBA Abroad After Coronavirus

A month into lockdown, and it's clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not one to be taken lightly. While there is an immediate health and safety concern, there are a

What Do You Learn During The MBA

What do you learn during your MBA course? Learnings in MBA broadly can be categorized into two areas-

7 Things To Keep In Mind During The First 6 Months Of Post MBA Experience

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. The first steps are often jittery and confusing for most of us, especially the freshers. I was in

From Preparing For MBA Entrance To Getting A Job- The Real Journey

Chapter 1- The Undergrad ChillMy journey for MBA started from my 4th year of undergrad (B-tech, EEE). It was that time of the year when all the 'so-called' engineers were

Considering An MBA? Here's An In-Depth Guide On Everything You Need To Know About An MBA

So different folks are at different stages of the journey, and this note is an attempt to douse the curiosity of the young, smart and ambitious lot here who are

MBA And Entrepreneurship | Two Roads - Divergent or Convergent?

(The following article is written in an Indian context.)