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IITs Vs New IIMs For MBA - Quick Facts

‘Indian Institute of Management’ and ‘Indian Institute of Technology’—these are the two most eminent tags of the country, which every student wants to add along with his or her name

Six Guidelines To Avoid Missing The Deadlines For Application Forms Of B-Schools

Working in an IT firm, I had decided to pursue MBA after 2 years of work experience and had started my preparation for MBA entrance exam CAT (Common Admission Test).

Who Should Avoid An MBA?

With less than 40 days left for CAT, let us come to arguably the most important question. Is an MBA the right choice for you? How does one find that

For The Love Of MBA

As the sky grew deeper into the shades of night with the stars lighting up the city with their smile, I walk a lonely road shining under the magnificent canvas

The ‘Rat-Race’ Dilemma

To do or not to do an MBA is a question which most of us have tried to find the answer to. Doing an MBA is not a small decision

What’s The Fuss About MBA Anyway?

It’s conventional, it’s cliched, and it’s contrived - yet lakhs of students burn the midnight oil for months every year for a chance to pursue an MBA degree. For a

MBA – A Journey Beyond A Fancy Placement!

Whenever we hear the word 'MBA', the first question that pops out of our mind is that of the B-school & further then stretched to placements. Believe it or not,

4 MBA Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Technology always had a profound impact on business, be it the steam engines or the computers. But in recent few years, it has been way more disruptive. If you follow