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From Being Bottom 10 In Finance To Handling A Finance Heavy Project At BCG | Samarth, MDI Gurgaon, InsideIIM’s Best 30

Samarth Singh Gahlot did not really like finance. But he managed to work successfully as a consultant and landed a PPO with BCG post his summer internship. He also, interestingly,

"Hard Work And Passion For Learning Never Disappoints" Ft. Pratik Sharda, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Placecom. Every b-school student wants to get into the placement committee at some point. But what does one actually do as a placecommer? Pratik Sharda was curious too, and having

I Learnt To Play The Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Harmonica Ft. Jason Cardozo - InsideIIM’s Best 50

As an introvert. Jason Cardozo failed. At networking. Once he realised his failure though, he decided to tackle the challenge head on. He decided to learn by practice. And today,

I Helped My Friend With Her Internship When She Was Ill, Later We Both Bagged PPOs - Adarsh Ranjan's Journey To Success

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Our today's feature - Adarsh Ranjan takes the phrase to another extent. During his summer internship, his fellow classmate fell ill. There

I Organised A Rock Concert At Tata Motors Fest - Prakhar Raghuvansh, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Have you ever volunteered to help people from a less privileged background to yours? If you ever did, you would realise the immense time and attention commitment it entails. In

A Peak Into The Event Clubs Of MDI Gurgaon - Keeping The Campus Alive, Always!

MDI Gurgaon provides innumerable opportunities in terms of participation in several activities including live projects, competitions and cultural events. Behind the successful implementation of the several activities held at MDI

Summer Placement Reports Compilation Class Of 2021 | Ft. FMS,XLRI, MDI, NITIE, IIFT, TISS, SIBM, SJMSoM, MICA

It is very important for you to not just consider final placements but also summer placements when you choose a b-school. A final placements report includes your variable, joining bonus,

Top 10 Colleges Best For MBA in HR

The corporate space is witnessing a paradigm shift in the employee-employer relations and industry interface. The role of an HR or an HR manager in the current times has moved