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The Big Ms: MBA And Mental-Wellbeing

For many, MBA from an IIM is like getting the gold pot at the end of a rainbow. The students come from different nooks and corners of the country, carrying

How This B-school Is Redefining Mental Health & Its Importance

According to WHO, “Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work

How To Cope With Failure, Anxiety, Stress, And Career Uncertainty Ft. Clinical & Counselling Psychol

In January 2021, a PGDM student of IIM Ahmedabad allegedly committed suicide in the hostel room. On the surface, it might look like an unfortunate incident that takes place in

IIM Bodh Gaya Steps Towards Mental Health Awareness

“Our Mental Health seriously affects our physical health. So, there should be no stigma around mental health, none at all.” – Michelle Obama

"Hard Work And Passion For Learning Never Disappoints" Ft. Pratik Sharda, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Placecom. Every b-school student wants to get into the placement committee at some point. But what does one actually do as a placecommer? Pratik Sharda was curious too, and having

CAT And Mental Health | Why We Shouldn't Let The Preparation Affect Our Mental Health

I am going to cover a different aspect of CAT preparation which very few people talk about or know the importance of it. However, I feel that it is one

Careers, College Life, Mental Health | Free Live Webinar Ft. Counselors - TISS, Ankit Doshi

Are you starting b-school soon? Maybe you’re starting your new job? Or perhaps, you lost an internship or job offer and are looking for something else? Maybe you’re feeling the

How Companies Like Microsoft, P&G And Deloitte Are Addressing The Issue Of Mental Well-Being Of Their Employees During Lock Down

The outbreak of COVID-19 has directly impacted business. With a lockdown for a long duration, the HR department is facing both internal and external pressure in the way they deal