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One In-Demand Management Skill That Can Boost Your Salary In 2022

As per LinkedIn’s 2022 Job report for India, 82% of India’s workforce is preparing to switch jobs in this very year and 45% of them are confident about their next

This Specialization Is Red-Hot This Winter & It’s Not Marketing Or Finance!

Did you know that Supply Chain Management has emerged as a must-have degree, post the pandemic? “Incoming business students who once defaulted to finance or marketing now want to explore

This Must-Have Certification Can Also Land You A Job!

Considering a challenging career that pays well? The supply chain industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% till 2025 but its competitiveness gap remains the biggest hurdle.

Free Case Studies | Learn From Brands Like Zara, Nestlé, McDonald’s, Asian Paints,etc.

Over the years, case studies have become a highly effective tool used by successful people to improve on their analytical skills, domain knowledge and communication. The professionals who learn from

The Key To Your Success In A $215 Billion Industry

With an industry size of $215 billion, CAGR of over 10%, employing over 25 million people; the Supply Chain industry is the backbone of India’s economy. The pandemic accentuated supply

How To Prepare For Operations Role For Summer Placement  - Ft. Rutul Shah

Rutul Shah is currently a second-year MBA student at IIM Lucknow. He is due to join Amazon after securing PPO post his internship with the company. At IIM L, he

Certification In E-Comm. Ops. & Analytics | PPI With Tata CLiQ

It’s almost been 2 decades since E-Commerce picked up wind in India. From a buzzword back then to a household word today, the industry has burgeoned into a reliable haven

How To Prepare For Operations & Supply Chain Roles In A B-School

Operations and Supply Chain Management is not a domain opted by many. However, with changing times, the implication that this field has is certainly immense with no alternative. Coming to