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From No PPO To Google | Jai Prakash Sunkoori’s Journey From IIM Lucknow

When we talk about summer internships, everyone focuses on getting a Pre Placement Offer (PPO). Everyone wants one, but not everyone gets one. What happens when you don’t get a

How I Got A Job At Bajaj Auto - Harshita Philkana, XLRI Jamshedpur

Having a PPO at the end of your summer internship is what every student aims for. However, the hard work and dedication it requires to get one isn’t a piece

What's The Value Of A PPO? - Why Summers Are More Important Than Finals

It’s safe to say that one of the major objectives of the students who decide to pursue an MBA is to get a good job. Placements are those times in

How To Get A Job With BCG - Anne Marina, IIM Indore & Aviral Saxena, IIM Lucknow

Ownership and autonomy are the predominant features of many an internship. Especially when you’re in b-school. And interested in consulting. Aviral Saxena (IIM Lucknow) and Anne Marina (IIM Indore), both

How To Crack Your Internship Interview At McKinsey | Consulting

Imagine the feeling of achieving your dreams. Elation, excitement, happiness. That and something more. At least according to these McKinsey PPO holders Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain from IIM Lucknow.

How To Survive The Second Year At A B-School - Key Tips From An IIM Bangalore Alumnus

"Hey Siri, read my notifications." I was just easing in my apartment, as I commanded my newly enslaved voice assistant to serve me (and this sounds so creepy)!

How I Got Into Google | Hareesh Nair, IMT Ghaziabad

Working at Google - a brand that is amongst the top 3 most valuable organisations in the world - is a dream-come-true for anyone.

How I got into Colgate Palmolive | TISS Mumbai

Arnaz Kaur Ghumman got into TISS to pursue her Master's degree in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations. Interested in management and organizing people on different occasions for different end-goals,