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5 Test-Taking Techniques To Score 99+ Percentile In Quant Section Ft. Sonap Garg (QA: 99.97%iler, IIM C)

Sonap Garg is a CAT 99.97%iler from IIM Calcutta. He shares with you in this video a winning strategy for the Quant section of CAT. In addition to that, he

How I Aced Quant Section In Every Entrance Exam I Jatin Jhamb

Attention! CAT 2020 Aspirants. Do you want a quant strategy that not only serves CAT but other exams like SNAP, NMAT, XAT, etc.?

5 Pro Tips To Bag 99+ Percentile In Quantitative Ability In CAT

Quantitative Ability can be game-changer for Engineers, but might be a nightmare for others. This section requires the most theoretical preparation, compared to other sections. Hence, it makes all the

How To Score 99%ile In Quant - 5 Best Strategies

Quant is not everyone’s ball-game. You need to be a problem solver and a pro at mathematics to be able to solve QA questions. However, some of us have a

Do You Know The Number Of Squares And Rectangles In A Chessboard

Often times in CAT exam, questions are asked on "How Many Squares Are There In A Chessboard?" or "How Many Rectangles Are There In A 8*8 Chess-board Which Are Not

Tips To Crack The Quantitative Analysis Section In GMAT | Quant In GMAT

Planning on studying abroad? You’ve probably already started your prep for GMAT. So far in this series, we’ve covered AWA and IR. In today’s article, we’re going to cover Quant.

Crack The Quant Section In 59 Days - CAT 2019 | Tips From CAT Toppers, IIM Students, CAT Experts

Quant is one of the most interesting sections of the CAT. For engineers, this one is relatively easy. But for non-engineers, especially those out of touch with maths, this section

3 And A Half Mistakes I Made In Quant, Which You Shouldn't

Quantitative Aptitude, a section which evokes mixed responses amongst various CAT takers. For engineers, it is expected to be a scoring area; whereas aspirants from non-math background often have to