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A Dummy’s Guide To A Lucky Internship | Internship Experience At Reckitt Benckiser

22nd July 2020 I woke up to an email from the placements team.

RB - The Summer Internship Experience

After the very first lockdown, the entire MBA student fraternity was skeptical about their internships, and nothing was different for me except the fact that I was in a much

Summer Internship Experience At Reckitt Benckiser || Summers Saga 2020

My internship experience at RB has been none other than some days, which I will always cherish.In this unprecedented time, when so much negative news were circulating around. I consider

The World Came To A Halt…but Learning Didn’t!- Summer Of 2020 At RB

This lockdown, World came to a halt! But the learning didn’t! Here is my SoaRBeyond internship experience at Reckitt Benckiser for the Summer of 2020.

Summer Of ’20 – My Internship Experience At RB

"Dhaval Patel, Signed out Reckitt Benckiser." Listening to that announcement early morning on 25th September 2019 was just a surreal moment.

A Fabled Resplendence At Reckitt Benckiser - Nikita Rani Nayak, XIMB

Life is full of questions and the right way to handle it is to keep on finding their answers. The moment I decided to pursue MBA the question raised was

My Experience Of Working With Sex Workers During My Summer Internship - Reckitt Benckiser PPO Holder, Rajan Burman

Students of the coveted MBA course, in coveted B-Schools like the IIMs, strive to earn a coveted position as an intern within the coveted annals of a coveted corporate establishment.

A Journey Which Offered More Than It Promised - RB Global Challenge 2018

A B-schooler’s life in India usually follows a defined pattern since the time they join their dream B-school. Classes, committees, guest lectures, placements and a lot of competitions.