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You Can Change How B-School Recruitment Takes Place

As a B-school student, how do you figure out a company's culture, the number of people they are hiring, what scope you can have when you join and how the

In-Hand Salaries IIM Students Expect In Their First Job After MBA

The InsideIIM Recruitment Survey has found many times in its history that, while selecting a b-school or company to work with, compensation on offer takes precedence over most other factors

Revealed: Dream Companies Young India Wants To Work At - Meet All The Recruiting Teams

For the 30th episode of #YOBOLive, meet recruitment teams from companies like L’Oréal, ABG, TAS, BCG, Google, and more. Join us for the live screening of the “India’s Most Desired

What Do You Think of The Current B-School Recruitment Process?

One of the most crucial components of an MBA program is the recruitment process. A lot is at stake for all parties involved in this process. An MBA student, having

Day Zero Recruiters Want To Hear From You | InsideIIM Recruiter Survey

Whether you’re an MBA student, alum or aspirant, the campus recruitment process impacts all of you in a pivotal way. Which is why, every year at InsideIIM, we conduct the

Google, Apple, Facebook Are The Most Desired Technology Companies On Indian B-School Campuses

Which Are The Most Preferred Technology, Telecom And Analytics Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

When a Placement Committee became Social Media Police

If you think freedom of expression is endangered due to the presence of illiterate politicians or insecure leaders and ministers, think again. 20-24 year old Business school students have given