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IIM Bangalore: Campus, Eligibility & Selection Criteria, Placement, Fees & More | Know Your Campus

In today’s episode of KYC, we feature the third IIM that was built in the country to solve the problem of the deficit of able managers in the public sector

What We Learned From The Exchange Program At France

Student Exchange Programs provide B-School students a rewarding experience that helps them build skills that usually they miss out in their day to day academics. When they are in an

What China Is Vs What We Think It Is - Learnings From International Immersion Programme At IIM Indore

Shanghai is a city of contrasts. The infrastructure is everything you will expect from a developed nation but China. At first, it feels like a futuristic place with avant-garde buildings

ZhōngGuó Hǎi Yáng Dàxué: A Dive Into The Ocean

The ocean, at times, is a metaphor for education - education, which is not confined to only books and thoughts of scholars but also to the exploration required to build

Building Business Through Relationships - An IIM Shillong Student's Experiences In China

IIM Shillong provides its PGPEX students with a unique flavour of China experience. In collaboration with Ocean University Of China (known in China as Zhōngguó Hǎiyáng Dàxué) & Fudan University, an enriching

Pursuing A Dual Degree From IIM Calcutta & ESCP, Europe

IIM Calcutta offers many options of dual degrees to enthusiastic students. One such unique program is the tie up that IIM Calcutta has with ESCP Europe. Swapnil Jha, a first

18 Countries In Just 3 Months! - Journey From An IIM To Iceland - Student Exchange Program Diaries

IIM Trichy provides its students with an excellent opportunity to internalize a holistic and global approach to solve all kinds of business problems through the International Student Exchange Programme. The

5 Reasons You Should Go For A Student Exchange Programme

The Student Exchange Program of IIMs is a unique opportunity for MBA students, where one gets to spend an academic term at B-Schools around the world which the IIM has