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Summer Internship Chronicles

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Ramprasad Murali's Summer Internship Experience With Bennett Coleman And Co. | MDI Gurgaon

Most people have already made up their minds as to what they want from an MBA. “I want to be a marketing professional at an FMCG company” …” I want

Internship Experience At Maersk GSC | Amogh Jain, MDI Gurgaon

Stepping foot into the corporate world for the first time in your life becomes both an intimidating and exciting experience at the same time, isn’t it? You enter this world

How A Fresher Bagged A PPO From EY - Sharad Wankhede, IIM Ranchi

Hello readers, let me introduce you Sharad Wankhede. He has completed his undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from SGGSIET, Nanded. He went on to pursue an MBA in HR from IIM

Summer Internship Playbook | Hindustan Unilever - Part 3

Hindustan Unilever has been a dream recruiter on campuses for the longest time. If you've got an internship with HUL, you want to crack that PPO. In this video, we

Summer Internship Chronicles - LIVE Blog For Your Everday Internship Experiences

We know how summer internships are for you. You you've got it, why not flaunt it? We will run this LIVE blog for two months - while your internship is