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How This ML, AI Enthusiast Landed A Data Science Role Ft. Chayan K., B.Tech, ZS

Chayan started his journey as an Electronics and communication engineer from Bharti Vidyapeeth University in Pune. After entering the institute he somehow knew that typical subjects of the curriculum will

From Losing My Mother To Cracking CAT And Amazon, Life Changed For Better Ft. Siddharth Agarwal

Siddharth belongs to the endless list of engineers who typically join B-school after completing few years of work experience. However, for Siddharth, the idea to enhance skills and learn every

From An Agricultural Family In A Small Kerala Village To Working With TCS, Ft. Akshay R, TAS

What makes a TAS Officer different from others? Is it just what you can deliver on a daily basis as part of your job or the processes you create to

What Hiring For The World's Top Companies Looks Like, Ft. Abhishek De, Ex Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber

Imagine having the likes of TCS, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Uber on your CV. Abhishek De boasts of such experience and more. He is an  HR Professional, focusing on Talent Acquisition.

McKinsey, BCG Top Recruiters At IIM Ahmedabad - Final Placements Report, MBA Class of 2020

IIM Ahmedabad has completed final placements for the MBA class of 2020! 153 companies from 20 diverse cohorts participated in the process, placing all students across geographies with 182 different

Being A TCS Intern At Day To Karaoke Host At Night - RVS Soumya, IIM Udaipur

“It is not success which makes you who you are but your journey and hardships.”

The US Immigration Bill And Its Effects On Labor Exchange - Bad News For IT Services?

The Indian IT industry has long counted The USA as one of its biggest markets for IT related services.  Several models have evolved in the IT industry to cater to

You Are More Than Your MBA Entrance Score

We know that these are testing times for all of you—full of worry and angst. Will I make it to my dream school or not? Should I wait and watch?