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How These Indian Private B-Schools Are Trying To Change The Global Learning Curve

With the fast-growing Indian economy and opening up of FDI in many sectors, the need for skilled managers with a global outlook has become important. So, an MBA program has

How Global Education In India Can Transform Careers?

At a time like this when the whole world has moved online, businesses have changed working policies for employees and travel has gone out of the question due to a

Why Learning From CEOs Has Become The New MBA Model?

Gone are the days when B-schools used to boast only about the faculty that teach students full time. Every B-school now focuses on the kind of industry interaction they are

Universal Business School - Placements 2021 | Highest Salary At 40 Lakhs

Universal Business School (UBS), Mumbai has completed its placement season for the post-graduation batch of 2021 during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic, with the highest package of INR 40 lacs per

How This B-School Is Changing The Concept Of Learning

B-schools give you an opportunity not only to learn the nuances of the business world but help you understand the real corporate culture by varied activities and engagements on campus.

How To Get To Rs 5 Crore Salary? Ft. Tarun Anand, Universal Business School

What does it take to be a CEO of a company that has its global footprints? How do you make it big in a market that is re-defining itself every

How Does A B-school Help In Creating Global Opportunities For Students Of Diverse Backgrounds, Ft. Universal Business School Alumni

What does it mean to have a global MBA degree where students from diverse backgrounds come and join? A B-school that focuses on imparting knowledge through industry insights, involving corporate

How This B-school Is Transforming MBA Education, Ft. Tarun Anand, Vijay Tandon

Do you think industry professionals with experience in the corporate world are better teachers for a B-school? At least this is what Tarun Anand, Founder of Universal Business School believed