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Women In Management

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How Not To Be Sexist In A B-School

Many of you reading this article have either been to a B-school or are in the last leg of your first year or preparing to get into one.

In Conversation With The Recipient Of The 'Monalisa Gupta Memorial Award' At IIM Calcutta - Anusha JVD

A B-school has many more activities and experiences on the professional front apart from the academics, placements and case competitions. And like in all of these fields, competition is intense

Happy International Women's Day: Are We There Yet? | The Women of IIM Trichy Speak

“Happy International Women's Day” read the message which popped up suddenly on my phone. Customarily, I replied, “Thank you so much”. However, it lingered on in my mind as to

Conditioning Is The Biggest Contributor To Sexism - Shivangi Tripathy, IIM Nagpur

A lot has been said before, and a lot more is yet to come but how much of it stays is the question. There’s so much to fight for that

10 Powerful Books You Must Read This Women's Day

Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it!

A Fashionista And Finance Geek At An IIM - Celebrating Womanhood At IIM Trichy

It goes without saying that IIMs have evolved over the years to become well-established incubators and nurseries of talent, letting talent thrive unhindered. The talent may not always come only

The Girl Who Went Beyond Being Shackled As A Rat In This Corporate World | #OwnYourStory

This is the story of a girl who didn’t want what we all are more or less puppets to - being shackled as rats in this corporate world.

Issues That Female Project Managers Face At Work

Last two decades showed us the increasing number of women interested in the project management sphere. Actually, all of the major businesses no longer have gender prejudices, and ladies occupy