The Curious Case Of IIM Bangalore

What does one expect from the top B-school in the country?

Demonetisation discussions for breakfast, innovation, and strategy implementation for lunch and meeting the CEO for dinner? If you thought so, here we are to correct a few of those myths and present to you a more curious side to life at The Place to B!

  1. L^2 Parties– The carat sign and not a superscript should say it all -this arena is pure gold! It is flanked by 3 hostel buildings which have initials A, B, and E giving a certain US President’s fond nickname, which also happens to give the place its name – Lincoln Square. Right from hosting birthday bashes (the word bash is so appropriate here, especially in hindsight – too many puns to count) to themed parties after various campus events where close to 500 people attend- this place has it all.


2. A ‘Day’ Dream– With so much cultural diversity comprising IIM B, we play host to all kinds of special days and festivals you could think of! This varies from Friendship Day to Matkiphod on Janmashtami. We also gorge on a number of delicious feasts given on special festival days by various communities at IIM B- think Rossogolla and a 5-course meal for Durga Puja to Iddiyappam and a 6-course meal for Pongal! In addition to the above, you can hear the clack of daandiya’s as well as the familiar smell of Christmas cake wafting through the air during respective festival days.


3. OAT, but not for breakfast– Bagry’s and Quaker would be awestruck by this monumental piece of architecture – The Open Air Theatre. This stage plays host to numerous music, dramatics and fashion events which happen on campus. It even sets the stage (quite literally) for the convocation of the outgoing batch. With tiered levels of seating for a wholesome view and seasonal plants growing -the fragrance and breath-taking beauty of this place will leave you curiously amazed!

4. The Whispering Teaks– Once a source of all official events of The Place to B including formal events and dinners, the Whispering Teaks still holds a sense of charm with the teak trees which give its moniker and the small gondolas which convey the merriment of the days gone by! One conjectures the correlation between proximity to the Director’s building and early death of the party place

5. Unmaad- What do you get when you combine Amit Trivedi, Zakir Khan, The Local Train, 40+ events across genres, foreign bands and 30,000 people? Quite simple really- the biggest B-school cultural fest in India! 3 days result in many stories floating through with tales of triumph across music, dance, literary, dramatics, fashion-what have you. A unique theme portraying the festival as an Island of Dreams sets the tone for the festival this year. With participation from across the country as well as a host of famous names set to rock your world in 2017- one thing is clear, the madness of Unmaad begins from 27th Jan at IIM B-will you be there?


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Rinku Stephen

Rinku Stephen pursued Computer Science and Engineering just because she was fascinated by the law of cartoons. But later during her course, she was smitten by the tech bug and went on to develop developed Peer to Peer Application for NFCs, automated healthcare claims and solutions to clinical trials. She also had a brief stint as the IT consultant for a Startup – Praise Foundation. Currently, she is a Product Manager in Flipkart. Setting the geek side aside, Rinku loves to trek, try new sports, read crazy, and of course.. GOT.