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Top 8 HR Online Courses To Pursue During The Lockdown


amar kujur

Honesty my weakness , my strength

can anyone help me by sharing the link of people analytics course? especially the 4T

8 Apr 2020, 12.12 PM

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Poonam Das

Just click on the heading of the course. The link is embedded there.

9 Apr 2020, 07.26 PM |

Shivesh Gupta

AISKAI National gold medalist in Grappling ( Yupp have certificate and pic with proof )🤠 Antisocial Fitness Non-fiction books Likes to mess with people's head - will be a future HR ✌🏻

Thank you so much for this information, I actually looking forward to doing these online courses.

9 Apr 2020, 12.10 AM

Tanuj Puri

I checked out the course from Oxford Home Study Center and it is not free. The entire course has 5 levels, the first level being the cheapest at 80 Euros of one time payment and 120 Euros of payments with installments. Level 5 costs somewhere between 540-600 Euros. Please check if your information is correct and update.

9 Apr 2020, 03.18 AMEdited

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Poonam Das

Yes! you are correct. All levels of the courses are not free. I just did the first level, which came under your first "free course". Therefore, I didn't mention the other ones. Since they allow one free course, I suggest you go for it. It's quite informative. You just need to login and create an e-learning college (ELC) account and go to 'My Course' to choose one free course. Hope this info helps.

9 Apr 2020, 09.05 AMEdited |

Urja Rai

How can I apply for these online courses

9 Apr 2020, 08.31 AM

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Poonam Das

There is a link embedded to the heading of each of the courses. Just click on the heading. It will redirect you to the website.

9 Apr 2020, 07.27 PM |

Maria Hoon

What nonsense

9 Apr 2020, 01.43 PM

Deepak Mathew

How to register for the Agile HR course? Which is the website?

9 Apr 2020, 06.53 PM

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Poonam Das

Link to the website is in the heading of the course. Just click on the link.

9 Apr 2020, 07.25 PM |

starlet HR

Unable to click on the given link.. How to proceed to join these courses

10 Apr 2020, 03.15 PM

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Poonam Das

You are looking for which course?

17 Apr 2020, 12.12 PM |

sonali sheth

Hello, I had enrolled for the HR course but I am unable to access the online course as it is showing verify with email I didn't get any verification! What can I do? Can anybody help me with it?

10 Apr 2020, 04.50 PM

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Poonam Das

Which course?

11 Apr 2020, 12.58 PM |

sonali sheth

Hr course for beginners

11 Apr 2020, 01.16 PM |

Poonam Das

Probably check the verification email in your promotions or spam. Mine went in promotion. If that does not happen then probably login with a different email ID.

17 Apr 2020, 12.11 PM |

Hritika Singh

I did the HR management course by Oxford Home Study College and it's not free u need to pay for the certificate, for the digital certificate I have to pay £8. I also checked the Introduction to People Analytics course by Coursera that is also not free and I have to pay around ₹3500 for the certificate.

10 Apr 2020, 10.46 PMEdited

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Poonam Das

Hi Hritika! Thank you for pointing out the coursera bit.

11 Apr 2020, 01.03 PMEdited |

Ritu Kukreja

You may also look at Rewards training program conducted by Cerebrus Consultants on 25,27, and 28th April 2020. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/cerebrus-consultants_rewards-certification-program-outline-ugcPost-6657869689760387072-Z6g4

20 Apr 2020, 02.34 PM

barnini ghosh

How to do it plz help me with the process

16 Jun 2020, 04.32 PM

barnini ghosh

Plz send the link for the course of hr and tell me the process

16 Jun 2020, 04.33 PM