IIM Indore Interview Experience | How To Crack IIM Interviews

It takes a great CAT score to get a call from an old IIM but to convert your call it takes a lot of preparation to make a good impression on the interview panel.

Rupakshi Soni is a current PGP student at IIM Indore. She is an engineer and her interview consisted of mostly technical questions. Her ability to answer those questions and provide explanations wherever needed got her a ticket to her dream b-school.

IIM Indore is part of the old IIMs and was established in the year 1996. Since then it has made its name as one of the top b-schools of the country. Its flagship PGP program is a 2-year residential program in Indore, which is now also offered at their Mumbai campus.

This is a recreation of Rupakshi Soni’s IIM Indore Interview Experience.


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