Week 5 As A Mahindra GMC Intern – My Mahindra Diaries

Another two weeks in the Mahindra family and I cannot wait to write down about the great time I am having at my internship.

So, after the preparations for mid-review were completed and I got the feedback from my project guide and buddy, I set out on visits to major markets across the country to observe, discuss and learn from experience. The visits not only gave me a fresh perspective, but also clarified my doubts and validated some ideas that I had.

My first trip was to the markets in South of India, where I visited several dealers and discussed at length with them. They were very welcoming, right from the classic “Mahindra Namaskar” to giving me their visiting cards and telling me I could reach out to them for any further clarifications.

The second leg of the visits was to the markets in the North, which is in progress as I write this diary entry. It is a new experience for me to travel alone and it looks like I might even do this outside of work!

The fun part definitely was the language constraint. Though I can read and understand Hindi fairly well, speaking has always been a minor hurdle, with the “ki’s and ka’s” messing up the grammar in my sentences. Sometimes I think something and say something entirely different and evoke a myriad of reactions from people.

There was this instance where I wanted to tell the rickshaw driver to go “aage” and ended up saying “upar”. He turned around and looked at me anxiously and I (inappropriately) ended up bursting out laughing. I am quite sure he thought I was a maniac! Strangers have corrected my grammar while I talked to them for directions. I even mixed up “machhar” with “machhli” and you can imagine the reactions I got!

Overall, it has been another two weeks of fun and immense learning and I look forward to where this takes me!

Anjana Rajmohan

With a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Trichy and almost 2 years of work experience as an Associate in Operations at Avery Dennison, I am currently an MBA student at IIM Kozhikode. An Operations enthusiast by choice and Bharatanatyam dancer by heart.