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How A Non-Engineer Scored 99.31%ile In CAT 2020 - Ritika, IIM C'23

Ritika is a 2021 graduate and has done her bachelors in Business Administration. She has always been dedicated towards studies and has scored 96.4/94.6/9.05 in 10th,12th and graduation. CAT 2020

How I Scored A 99.37%ile In My First CAT Attempt And Got Into A Top IIM Ft. Neha Chaudhari

Neha Chaudhari was in her final year at Vishwakarma Institute Of Technology, Pune when she decided to pursue an MBA. Having prepared for JEE earlier, she knew what putting in

Most Important Lesson I Learnt From Scoring 40%ile In CAT 2020 | Tips For CAT Exam Retakers

In his last video with InsideIIM, Keshav Kumar Singh, a CAT 2020 40%iler lists out things that are extremely important when you are preparing yourself again. Keshav talks about the

How To Ace CAT & Secure Your Dream B-school With Lower Acads In The Past

It is natural for aspirants to question if their past academic scores will be a hindrance in their chances of securing their dream B-school. They wonder, "Will my 10th, 12th

How Anyone Can Ace Verbal Ability, LRDI, and Quants On CAT | Tips From CAT 99.7+%ilers

If you’re wondering how you would ever do well at Verbal, we’ve got you covered in this article. Not only that, we’ll help you out with LRDI and Quant as

How I Made It To An IIMs Despite Facing Financial Hardships After Leaving My Stable Job, Ft. Nisarg C.

“Aarthik Sthiti Theek Naa hai humari” a famous dialogue or meme material that is doing rounds after the release of the blockbuster web series “Aspirants” by TVF.

How I Converted IIM Indore, SPJIMR, MDI Despite Gap Year On My CV | CATapult Ep. 8

Worried about a work gap raising questions in your MBA college interviews? Struggling to prepare for CAT after quitting your job? Want to know how to build your profile during

Tips Before You Start The Mock Season

Well,so another season of mocks is around the corner.Aspirants have started enroling for the mocks of TIME,IMS and what not!