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IIM Calcutta's Selection Criteria Released, CAT 2020 Analysis By TIME, IMS & CL | MBA News Ep. 29

The past week has been very busy. Right at the beginning of the week, IIM Calcutta released its latest selection criteria, and so did IIM Nagpur. The week ended with

Last Minute Tips & Strategies For CAT 2020 Ft. IIM A, B, C, K, 98+ Percentilers

Writing CAT 2020? Just a day to go. Lots of apprehension, fear and anticipation are being felt right now. All you CAT takers are on the last leg of your

The Dos And Don'ts Before CAT 2020 || Ft. Abhin Kakkad, IIM Ahmedabad

What To Do?1) Make sure you have all the documents with you at least 2 days in advance. Leaving these things for the last day creates unnecessary hassle and stress.

Learn From The Mistakes Of CAT 2019 Toppers

Mistakes are our best teachers. Now that you are in the last phase, make sure you go through your past mistakes, keep them in mind and tend not to repeat

Pep Talk With A 99.41 Percentiler To Brace Up For CAT 2020 || Maru Jay

The day when your heart will be beating 100x faster, when your mind will be boggling with so many random thoughts and all your preparations come drilled down to this,

Last-Minute Tips And Advice Before CAT-2020 || Ft. Bushra Qureshi, IIM Lucknow '22

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”- Thomas Edison, Inventor of the light bulb.

What To Do In The Last Days To CAT 2020 Ft. Debabrata Das, 99.58%iler, MDI Gurgaon

Debabrata Das graduated as an architect. A student of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, he found the city a great place to study architecture in. But 5 years of graduation

"What We Did A Few Days Before CAT 2018" || Ft. IIM Kozhikode Students

With just a few days to go for C-Day, it is natural to be swamped with jitters surrounding your preparation. After all, you have put in so much for this