The Distinct People We Date And What’s That Got To Do With Selling

What attracts you to a partner?

You’ve got a date. After a long time. You’re curious about the person you’re going to meet and have a set of questions ready. But this is all the response you get.

  • I’m nice
  • I’m a good person
  • I try to help
  • I support the people in my life
  • I’m a Brahman

…and on and on

There are many people who are nice and supportive and Brahmans in our country. *Yawn*

Now imagine another scenario where you meet people who have clearly defined passions

  • Football keeps me up at night
  • I even make samosas at home. Cooking makes me happy.
  • My favourite combo is trees and books.
  • I have an ‘all strings attached’ relationship with my guitar.

This, I imagine, would immediately put you on the edge of the chair, leaning forward, with a tilted head, listening to the potential partner with full attention.

This is exactly what the unique selling proposition (USP) of a product can do. It can excite the client about your product, which can even lead to a sale. *Gasp*. And making a sale is a salesman’s wet dream.

But how do you find the damn USP? Click here to discover many ways in which you can find the unique features of your product that make selling extremely easy.