"It is useful to have around 2 years of industry experience prior to the MBA program" – Interview with IIM Indore's Professor Ranjeet Nambudiri


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One of the best professors to teach at IIM Indore. It was a pleasure attending sir's classes.

4 Jul, 2012 |


Sir, What is your take on more women being brought in by various IIMs? Do you think such an excessive focus on getting women will dilute the quality of students?

4 Jul, 2012 |


Sir, this year the IIMs came out with new criteria to give more marks to girls and more marks to non engineers just to add diverstiy to the classroom.. is it really helpful?? and moreover necessary?? its kind of reservation given to SC ST and OBC or even worse than thay

10 Jul, 2012 |


Very relavent points raised by the professor. I think the one year MBA at Iim Indore (EPGP) and at other iims and at isb is exactly moulded in the manner the prof suggests. Candidates for the one year MBA at iim have a minimum of 5 years experience enabling them to really relate classroom learning to life, and maybe even add issues beyond the cirriculum. Harvard and insead and all oneyear or two year mbas worldwide have always demanded 4 to 5 years experience to even apply.

11 Jul, 2012 |


Considering the current scenario of Financial Sectors do you think that Finance Companies are going to show their interest less in this year?

13 Feb, 2013 |


How can a IT person, who has a good interest in HR.. convince the panelists that he is genuinely interested in making the switch of domains?

13 Feb, 2013 |


Is work experience a MUST before applying or getting into a school for MBA if one is aiming for a reputed company for recruitment/placement?

22 Mar, 2013 |

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Guitar Hero

Not mandatory. As far as admission into a B school is concerned, work experience will help you earn some brownie points in the shortlisting stage in some B schools. The interview and final admission to B school depends on a host of other parameters, work experience is unlikely to swing the deal. As far as placements from B schools is concerned, work-ex needs to be relevant, and high-quality to make a positive impact on your placements. Lots of FMCG marketing companies mostly go for freshers. Lack of work-ex cannot hurt your chances at top notch finance roles and consulting, although relevant work ex will improve your chances.

22 Mar, 2013 |

CATty times ahead? Try AMCAT too | AMCAT Blog | Job success tips

[…] and industry know-how show that most programs prefer candidates with a few years worth of work experience vs freshers. […]

5 Dec, 2016 |

Ankush Chavan

Sir, as you said 2-year work experience gives a student an edge during placements. But is it true for marketing companies as well or do they prefer freshers? How many months of work experience do the marketing companies prefer? For consulting, are students with 90-80-70 scores in academics for 10th-12th-degree not shortlisted to appear for interviews? Does a work experience as Business Operations Associate or Data Analytics Associate in Management Consulting firm help overcome the low academics? Thank You, Sir!

23 Mar, 2018 |