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IIM Lucknow: Campus, Eligibility & Selection Criteria, Placement, Fees & More | Know Your Campus

In today's episode of KYC, we have the much-awaited, 4th oldest Indian Institute of Management in the country, IIM Lucknow. From the story of its inception to the final placements

What Does XLRI Look For In An Ideal Candidate - Ft. Dean And Director, XLRI Jamshedpur

Are you wondering who is the ideal XLRI Jamshedpur student? Hoping to convert your call with XLRI, but wondering what the institute looks for? Meet Fr. P. Christie (Director, XLRI

Coronavirus And Its Impact On Global Economy : A Possible GD-PI-WAT Topic

If you want to prepare yourself for the interview, then you will have to be aware of things not just in your country but the world too. And in this

How To Crack The Group Exercise Round | For MICA, SIBM, SCMHRD And More

Group Exercises (GE) or Group Tasks is a type of preliminary round that takes place before Personal Interviews. In this round, candidates are assessed on a variety of things like

The Iran and US Conflict Explained | Learn Everything About The Possible GD-WAT Topic

MBA admissions are serious business. After intense entrance exams come - GD-PI-WAT, where they go two steps ahead in testing a candidate’s personality, knowledge, mental ability, and more. GD-WAT topics

How To Fill Out The IIM Indore Online Form

With CAT Results out and the IIMs releasing the shortlists for the WAT-PI Rounds, filling up the Personal Data Forms of the IIMs so as to create a great impression

How To Fill Out The IIM Kozhikode Stage 1 Form

Who all have received this initial shortlist?All candidates who have cleared IIMK’s minimum eligibility criteria given below have been sent the registration form:

Live Webinar With A B-School Professor | Profile Evaluation For IFMR GSB Krea University

We are in the MBA admissions season, and for some, it is imperative that they get into a top management institute in 2019 itself.