Last Minute CAT Prep Tips From IIM Indore

With few days left for CAT, a lot of anxiety must be building up. Some people must have given IIFT, which would have provided a good net practice for the D-Day.

The key at this moment is to relax and not let the nervousness get the better of you. Spend these countdown days comforting and hanging out with friends instead of worrying much. The idea is to be totally rejuvenated on the exam day so that your mind is sharp and ready to perform at 100% capacity. I myself stopped studying completely a day before IIFT till the CAT day and just went through the basic formulas a night before the exam.

On the day of the exam, have an 8-hour sleep and then a good meal before the exam. Reach the examination centre 1 hour in advance to give yourself some time to settle down. While giving the exam, make sure that you do not get stuck on any particular question and divide your time smartly between the topics you are comfortable with and the topics you are not, within a particular section. A good strategy would be to divide your time per question and adhere to it, so that you get to see each and every question at least once. This will also make sure that you do not miss out on the easy questions.

Don’t sweat over the questions you do not know, rather focus on the questions you know. Also, avoid using the calculator and try to do the calculations in your brain as it will help you save those crucial seconds.

In  the end, be calm, be focused and come out smiling because after all, it’s just an exam.


About the Author:


Kanav Gupta, a PGP 1 student from IIM Indore

IIM Indore

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