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CAT 2016

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Do You Know The Number Of Squares And Rectangles In A Chessboard

Often times in CAT exam, questions are asked on "How Many Squares Are There In A Chessboard?" or "How Many Rectangles Are There In A 8*8 Chess-board Which Are Not

CAT FAQs | QnA With Akshita Agarwal, 99.87 %iler, IIM A Alumna

Over the past two weeks, I have been receiving a lot of queries from fellow aspirants on different aspects of their preparation for CAT. While there were some questions unique

Scored Between 50 And 75%ile - Where To Apply? Should I Take CAT Next Year? - LIVE CHAT Transcript

ARKSS Srinivas, IIM Calcutta alumnus and CEO of Vistamind is here to help you figure out your strategy if you have scored between 50 and 75 percentile in CAT 2016.

Which Business Schools Should I Apply To? - Options At Various CAT Percentiles

The table below gives a indicative range/cutoff wherever possible of schools where you can apply to based on your percentiles in CAT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP.

CAT 2016 Results - Live Updates, Analysis and Beyond

Live Chat on CAT Results on Konversations is now live here.