Which Are The Most Preferred Banking & Finance Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Who are the most sought after Banking and Finance recruiters of 2017? How do they fare this year as compared to last year’s report? What is the Brand Perception of these recruiters in the minds of MBA Aspirants? Are top rated brands such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank etc. going to maintain their superiority over other brands? This report answers these questions and more.

The rankings are based on an extensive survey, and take into account the perception of over 900 Post – MBA Professionals, Current Students, and Aspirants who are also InsideIIM Users.

Some points to be observed:

– The preferences of aspirants are largely influenced by the word-of-mouth referrals and the visibility of brands. Placement reports also provide them with an insight into the big companies that recruit from B-Schools across India. Therefore, this category is included in the report to bring out an unbiased brand perception of the recruiter companies.
– Current students generally base their opinions on the experiences of Alumni. Besides this, they also do a lot of research on the job market and companies that come to hire in the Summer and Final Placement seasons. For students, the preference criteria come down to two factors: The package offered and the job description.
– Alumni preferences are based on the actual experiences that they have as employees of the brands mentioned below.

The recruiter companies are ranked in descending order of preference.


Although MBA aspirants may have limited or little knowledge about the dynamics of recruitment processes related to Finance and Banking, their opinions bring out the visibility of a Brand.

The year’s aspirants’ preferences consist of all global leaders and well-recognized brands. J.P. Morgan stands at the top of the list. Word-of-mouth referrals and access to placement reports may also influence brand awareness for aspirants.

Current Students
Goldman Sachs maintains its position at the top as the most preferred Finance and Banking Recruiter. Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan have switched places.

Deutsche Bank has dropped down 2nd to 6th from 2015 and is now in 9th place. Current students could have possibly been put off by the recent series of fines the German bank has faced for money-laundering and other fiascos, which now reflects in our results for this year. BNP Paribas does not feature in the top-10 of 2017 and has been replaced by Nomura, who featured in the 2015 report as well. Besides this, the list is quite similar to that of 2016.
None of the Indian recruiters feature in this list, which could be due to the higher remuneration that foreign brands give. They offer front-end profiles and more interesting job roles, as opposed to back-end jobs offered by their Indian counterparts.

Post  – MBA Professionals
The preferences of Alumni working in these organisations can help Current Students and even Aspirants structure an opinion. The evident observation here is how the Carlyle Group, which didn’t feature in 2015 or 2016, has shot up to the top of the list in 2017. Notably, Avendus Capital is the only Indian recruiter which has broken through into this list of big global names. Goldman Sachs has plummeted by 5 places on the list. Can this be attributed to the fact that Clients of Deutsche Bank deserted them after the Bank was fined by the US Department of Justice?

BFSI – Indian Recruiters

SBI, HDFC and ICICI belong to the Big-4 Banks of India. SBI was in the news in 2017, as it merged with five of its associate Banks and became one of the 50 largest banks in the world. YES Bank, again, is a very well known brand across the country and features in this list for aspirants. A point to be reiterated again is that while Avendus Capital has topped the lists in the other two categories, it is missing from the list for Aspirants, which goes on to show that the visibility of the brand is one of the major deciding factors for them.

Current Students
Amongst Indian Banks, Avendus Capital is almost at par with the likes of HSBC, Nomura, Wells Fargo etc. After it was acquired by the Private Equity firm KKR & Co., Avendus Capital has been expanding, bringing in industry veterans and building business verticals, which has been noticed by students. Edelweiss Capital has edged over SEBI, with Kotak Mahindra taking its place. YES Bank entered the list in 2016 and topped it, but has dropped to 4th place in a year. Besides the switch in rankings, the top-5 remains the same.

Post – MBA Professionals
Here, the preferences of Alumni resonate with those of Current Students, with Avendus Capital replacing PayTM to become the most sought-after Finance organisation to work for.  The Aditya Birla Group, who did not feature in the lists of 2015 nor 2016, have entered the top-5 of 2017. PayTM finds itself absent from the list of 2017.


Aspirants Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 Current Students Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 Post – MBA Professionals Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100
J.P.Morgan 93.81 Goldman Sachs 87.42 Carlyle Group 79
Goldman Sachs 90.29 Morgan Stanley 86.9 World Bank 77.5
World Bank 84.59 J.P.Morgan 84.54 Morgan Stanley 77.38
Morgan Stanley 83.81 Barclays Capital/Bank 82.14 J.P.Morgan 76.12
Barclays Capital/Bank 78.55 World Bank 80.07 Citi/CitiBank 75.38
American Express 77.78 Citi/CitiBank 79.78 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 75.25
Deutsche Bank 76.6 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 78.64 Credit Suisse 74.88
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 75.64 Credit Suisse 75.67 Avendus Capital 74.62
SEBI 74.6 Deutsche Bank 75.32 Goldman Sachs 73.5
Development Bank of Singapore 72.67 Nomura/Nomura Securities 73.93 Barclays Capital/Bank 73.38

BFSI – Indian Recruiters

ASPIRANTS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 CURRENT STUDENTS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 POST – MBA PROFESSIONALS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100
SEBI 74.6 Avendus Capital 71.68 Avendus Capital 74.62
HDFC Bank/AMC/Securities/Standard Life Insurance 70.12 Edelweiss Capital 68.11 Aditya Birla Capital 69.38
Yes Bank 68.71 SEBI 64.85 Edelweiss Capital 67.88
SBI Capital 67.34 Yes Bank 63.9 SEBI 67.62
ICICI Bank/ICICI Securities 65.4 Kotak Mahindra Bank/Kotak Investment Bank/Kotak Securities 61.89 Kotak Mahindra Bank/Kotak Investment Bank/Kotak Securities 66.75

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