How Can Campus Recruiters Make The Hiring Process Better? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Another year where students feel that there is a lot that the companies can do to make the hiring process easier and better. Eventually, it all comes down to the fault in the process and the system and not on an individual or a company. The point is to work on the process and not only on the outcome of the process. The outcome will be better as soon as the process becomes better. Which is why, this year again, we decided to ask students who are also InsideIIM users to answer what they think can make the hiring process better. Here’s what we found…

According to this survey, the key issue lies in – communication. 40% of the respondents feel there is a gap in communication when it comes to the hiring process. Be it communicating the shortlisting criteria or be it communicating the exact role or job profile, almost every company fails at this stage. Almost no company gives out shortlisting criteria so a candidate has no clear idea why he/she was selected or not. Perhaps better and more efficient ways of delivering Pre-Placement talks, or communicating with the candidates prior to the placement process could help.

Secondly, when it comes to communication, another thing matters to a lot of candidates is specifying the in-hand salary clearly. The CTC doesn’t give a clear picture of how much a person gets to take home each month, with all the deductions and taxes every month.

It is of utmost importance to communicate the expectation of the company clearly and at an early stage. A lot can be solved – including issues of performance, job satisfaction, compensation, attrition, etc if this is done well.

Lastly, a fair percentage of candidates also feel that GDs as a selection criterion should be scrapped, and want either a case-study round or introduction of a special task to be a part of the selection process. This may make sense, as some roles and jobs may not require the kind of skills that are tested when one participates in a GD. Does every job profile warrant a GD process? Maybe not but a lot of students are just trying to have a selection process as easy as possible. A lot of b-school students who are engineers have problems when it comes to GDs and would prefer to either scrapping it completely or introducing an essay round like they do at the b-school selection process. Participating in GDs before entering a b-school and participating in GDs once you are applying for different companies is a different ball game altogether.

It’s amusing that students find the communication gap highly inadequate than the actual process of selecting the candidates – where salary specifications are more important than how they are actually selected.

It is not completely on the company to make the process successful for both parties involved. Many candidates are known to not do any prior research before applying or even before interviewing with the company. The process can be better only if both companies, as well as, individuals help make the process better. So it’s not really what companies or campus recruiters can do to make the process better but also what b-school students do to facilitate the change.

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