Google, Apple, Facebook Are The Most Desired Technology Companies On Indian B-School Campuses

Which Are The Most Preferred Technology, Telecom And Analytics Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

They are the world’s most valuable companies. The most funded start-ups in the last decade have been in the Technology space. India’s biggest ‘start-up’ Reliance Jio is a telecom company. The top 5 companies in the technology, telecom and analytics space in our survey are worth over $ 3 Trillion – more than the GDP of many countries. They are the dream companies of this era.

Companies in this space are now the new glamour game on b-school campuses. This is reflected in the high desirability ratings for the top 5 companies in the rankings below. As technology firms ramp up hiring in the coming years on Business School campuses, they will increasingly command a higher premium and will also be big challengers to Investment Banks and Consulting firms. It is a matter of time.

(919 Respondents were part of our 2017 Recruiter Rankings Survey. If your company is not in the Top 10 but you wish to know your company’s ratings please write to us on sales(at)insideiim(dot)com)


There are 2 big themes that we see in the Tech rankings for this year.

Domination of the Big 5 Tech companies from the US – Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Across all 3 categories of respondents, we see the 5 being rated head and shoulders above the other 35 companies.

The emergence of Flipkart, Myntra and Ola. The Bengaluru based Indian E-Commerce and Ride hailing companies are now among the most coveted on B-School campuses in India. We see this clearly in the ratings given by Current Students and Alumni. Historically, it has been tough for homegrown companies to break into the list and hence Flipkart and Ola’s rise is admirable. (Myntra is also owned by Flipkart.)

Google (part of Alphabet Inc) remains the most popular campus recruiter not only among technology companies but also has a very high overall rating. Google stories are legendary on campuses and a lot of engineers are already influenced from undergraduate days.

Do note that the list of the most desirable companies in this sector seems to be heavily affected by the marketing and the perception the company has as a consumer brand and probably not as an employer alone. Of course, the logic is – High-quality employees ensure a strong consumer brand but a lot of companies doing incredible work in the B2B Tech/Analytics space generally miss out in such rankings because the end product isn’t ‘cool’ enough. People like to work for companies that everyone can identify with. Unfortunately, this notion can lead you to make poor career choices. It could be very rewarding – financially as well as emotionally – to work for a company that doesn’t figure in these rankings but are building technology that is changing the world.

Another thing to note – Most of the companies in this space hire far more talent from undergraduate schools (mostly engineers and data scientists) than Business Schools. In fact, most of the Business School hires are hired laterally i.e. they prefer Management graduates with experience. It is important for these companies to maintain a strong alumni brand among MBA graduates given that hiring numbers at the campus are not as high.


Rated By MBA Aspirants (in 2017) Desirability out of 100 Rated by Current MBA Students (in 2017) Desirability out of 100 Rated by MBA Alumni (in 2017) Desirability out of 100
Google 96.2 Google 91.56 Google 91.95
Apple 94.8 Apple 88.97 Facebook 89.1
Facebook 93.61 Facebook 88.13 Apple 83.7
Microsoft 92.67 Microsoft 87.86 Microsoft 82.15
Amazon 88.94 Amazon 84.61 Amazon 74.2
Flipkart 77.11 Uber 78.51 Uber 70.35
Samsung 76.47 Samsung 74.95 Flipkart 69.1
Uber 72.86 Flipkart 71.78 Samsung 60.7
Yahoo 68.83 Ola Cabs 68.88 Ola Cabs 56.05
HP 67.27 Myntra 66.21 Myntra 52.15

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