Summer Placements : IIM Indore – Class of 2012-14

As stated earlier, we will not express any team opinion on any placement report published on and we will write one post which encapsulates the entire season after all placement reports are published over the next 2 weeks.

Summer Placement Report – IIM Indore for the Class of 2013 can be found here


– IIM Indore’s growing stature amongst the best business schools of the country was confirmed with over 180 companies participated; More than 100 first time recruiters

– Private Equity Players (both domestic and global) recruited for the first time at IIM Indore despite global slowdown

– Over 40% students got internship in Sales and Marketing profiles

– First time participation of several major International firms for their Leadership and Strategy Programs including Robert Bosch, GE (FMP)

– Participation of several international firms in Pharma/Healthcare including Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abbott, GSK Pharma

– Niche roles offered in Brand Consulting, Advertising and Media

– Highest domestic stipend offered Rs 1,70,000


The report in the InsideIIM format is given below :

We would like to thank the placement committee of IIM Indore for providing information in the format. We believe it will be of immense help to readers, aspirants and recruiters.

This is the fifth in a series of reports that will bring to you this season. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


Summer Placement Class of 2014:

IIM Kozhikode

IIM Bangalore

XLRI Jamshedpur

IIM Lucknow

FMS Delhi

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Good show. Many new names. Good to see some one give stipend distribution. Very good to see honesty in international offers figure. 12 is realistic. IIM K with 20 is definitely inflated.

But I notice that slowdown has hit IIM I a little. I don't see BCG, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, Accenture Management Consulting, J&J Consumer. They all recruited last year. In fact regular recruiter Standard Chartered Bank is also missing. TAS was always going to be a problem after what happened last year.

IIM I Student

Well. You will see both BCG and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the finals report in a couple of months from now.

Don't really want to comment on the other misses.


Firms like BCG, McKinsey have hired in big numbers from the top campuses this year. BCG picked up 14 interns from IIMA, 12 each from IIMB and IIMC. Around 7 from IIML. A total of 45 interns from the top 4 IIMs. That is a huge number. Mckinsey again picked up 10 from IIMA, 11 from IIMB, 8 from IIMC, 6 from IIML i.e. around 35 interns from the top IIMs. Accenture picked up atleast 10 each from ABCL., a total of atleast 40 across the top 4 campuses. ATKearney infact added IIML to their campus list.

All in all, big consulting firms are hiring big time. They are not really affected by the slowing economy. But they have cut on campuses and recruited in more numbers from their favourite campuses. It seems that they want to associate themselves only with the big and established brands.


These firms take some time in convincing. You forget that IIM I is only 15 yrs old while other campuses are much older. Also you must consider that BCG is a regular recruiter at IIM I for finals and it should probably turn up for next summers or the one after that
AMC turned up for last yrs summers at IIM I so once they have good numbers they will probably come back.
With BCG coming, its only a matter of time before the other consults also start coming


It does not recruit from IIML on a regular basis. It visits ABC every placement process. Nonetheless, thanks for the information.

Vipul L

Nice try to improve PR of the college….I heard one of my Indore friend saying that there was literally no companies for over 200+ students.

I was surprised after giving a sly look on this report. It looks as if they have beaten all the records. I am amazed on their proficiency to hide the real truth.

Can you also clarify on the duration for summer placements this time?

Use Logic

@vipul – do you think the time required for summers is a good criteria for gauging the quality of placements?
Dude – do you think that will 180+ companies giving offers they would have placed only 250?? Seriously?
Ask any person in a B-School 180 companies are enough for 420-30 offers. you will find similar no of companies giving offers on other IIMs with similar batch sizes


No the point can you prove "180 companies" "actually recruited" from IIM I …….? #LogicFlawed

IIM student

its clearly written in the last graph that 181 companies gave offers. its also mentioned in their official release quoted on their site. and if u dnt believe that – dunno wat u will believe. Its a pity actually. Some people cant resist venting out their frustration on public forums


well i also dont belive on this report too [ may it be OFFICIAL TOO ] .


No , i completely trust , they are doing a great job, but they have there limitations too , there is no way in which they can verify whether 180 companies actually recruited , they simply print the report which is given to them by the placecom and there is no venting out of frustration , its just about finding out the truth so that aspirants don't get fooled by the rosy picture painted by students of premeir B schools and later regret their decision , which btw many people in IIM I are doing right nw .

Kudos_IIM I

Right now, most of the ppl at IIM I are celebrating their stellar summers (probably next to just 4-5 B Schools in the country). This coming from an IIM I student, I hope you won't believe this too. 😛


LOL good 1!! next to just 4-5 B schools in the country 😛 LOL dude do you think students at countries top B schools believe those rankings u guys pay for ? 😛 we hav gt our brains and a common sense tooo 😛


@LOL – u have some brains? wat a surprise coz it doesnt seem from your comments 😛 Anyways no IIM pays for his/her rankings as they are govt institutes


Kudos to the placement committee for doing a great job till the end. 100 plus new companies is no joke. Also cheers for once again maintaining an ethical stand in reporting all figures and company names.


Over 40% in sales and marketing , says it all , its been a bad year for finance in all B schools with exception of IIM L , hope it improves till next year or many may reluctantly switch to marketing.


Why are number of students signing out and Total no. of offers not disclosed ?? how does one come to know whether how many students actually got internship ?


That is a problem. But there is no way we can get that information or even verify when someone does actually state a figure. IIM I, FMS and IIM K decided not to report that statistic. Even the ones who have reported, we can't realistically verify it. The best way to find this out is to speak to a student from the campus.


That statement has no basis. Please exercise caution before writing such comments. Any such comparisons without data and basis will be deleted.


Just way too much goody goody congratulations going on here. Let's not forget a lot of recruiters have not returned to campus this year for Summers. Someone mentioned it earlier. Whether it was bad strategy on Placement Committee's part or bad luck or whatever the truth is that the placements could have been better.

No doubt people have worked hard to get the placements done but I find the congratulations here over the top. Be more realistic guys.


@ The Glaring Truth … Lol … That's the funniest comment I have come across in the recent times


Rosy picture….heard summers were pretty bad this time around at IIM I…spread over months while other IIMs finished it off in weeks


Bad as compared to ? Last year ? IIM ABCL ? I dont think its fair to compare I with ABCL which are older colleges and which have all the big consulting and fin firms recruiting regularly.

However I can say good if the performance has been better than last summers. Many new companies came but many companies didn't as seen from last year's report. However looking at the reports last year and this year, the numbers seem better this year.

Rahul Kar

I am confused. Two of my friends study in the IIMI campus and they were telling me how bad the situation inside the campus is and common sense also says That Indore is not IIM C and placing such a huge batch is bound to be problematic
However here the rosy picture in this report makes me think what is the missing link. We all understand the situation of Inside IIM since it is the Bschools decision to declare the placement data, however I am really not agreeing with the supersweet picture painted above. It would have been lot better had they contacted IIMI students

IIM student

@rahul – IIM Indore has a very stringent mechanism in place. Any report/news that goes out to the media is duly verified by the Director.
i believe you are not an IIM student because inside an IIM, the student's expectations are very high and some people will always complain (even with offers of Goldman, Deutsche etc) while the others will be realistic.
Now that the season has ended you can talk to any of your friends inside the campus to verify if any of the above firms did not roll out any offer.

Subrmanian N

Too much rosy, I would say … many of my friends at IIM I reports something else and they also advised me not to join IIM I for the same, but this report says something else… I am confused now. Don't know what to believe actually


If you are confident of cracking ABC then you should definitely try for ABC or at-most L. Among IIM's these are much better than the rest. But please remember that at ABCL, if you are not a topper with very good profile you might end up with a worse job than that you would have got at I.

Everyone thinks that he/she will be comfortably among the top 50% in IIM's. However its a lot difficult at ABCL than at I/K or any of the new IIM's. Try researching on the kind of jobs got by the last 150/100 students even at IIMABCL and you will understand that the truth.


Team InsideIIM is acutely aware about the 'Let's praise our own institute' contest going on right now. Please refrain from continuing this further. If you have valid facts and data which you want to put forward you are welcome. But random bragging makes the thread useless and makes the students of a premier institution look even worse.


Only 17% of the batch got profiles in finance ? thats too less ….Infact lowest amongst all Top 10 B schools !

IIM student

atleast the campus ethical enough to disclose the break-up unlike some other schools who are combining fin and marketing and quoting the joint figure
finance has taken a hit in terms of number of offers no doubt but there is great diversity in profiles being offered.
and FYI – the finance placements are comparable to other B Schools in the same league, maybe even better in terms of number of options available


I know for a fact that there are many many students who are unplaced! I REPEAT UNPLACED in IIM I! pls investigate or talk to students! I know my friends who are not plaed YET! and I mean MANY OF THEM! This report is just a PR stunt! Dissapointing to see Inside IIM endorsing it! Really disapointed!


Average stipend of Rs. 67000 for IIMI and Rs. 40000 for IIMK. Now that's something interesting.
I do not know whether it's a type, but the word "p.m." i.e. per month is missing in the I report.

Team InsideIIM, can we safely assume that the stipend of I is for two months ?


of course its for 2 months dude !! an avg stipend of 67k per month would put it in the same league as IIM L,XL, FMS .. wch it is …well not 😛

IIM student

@PMo – get ur facts straight atleast. None of the above mentioned colleges have avg stipend at or around 67k. pm. which you would have known had you been studying in any one of them. I know for sure coz 4 people from my family are currently studying there.
And wen u compare avg stipend use a bit of common sense and look at similar batch sizes or the top similar number of students in a college with a bigger batch size.


I dnt get this nonsense argument of "larger batch size" put forth by IIM indore and kozhikode everytime , what about the last 200 students , arent they important to the college ? didnt they pay fees ? didnt they crack CAT ? then why why do you alwayz give reason of "larger batch size" while comparing average package ? Also why dnt u realise that smaller batch sizes are actually a strength fr colleges like FMS ,XLRI ,JBIMS compared to IIM I,K and the probability of every student getting a decent job in higher in this institutes then in IIM I,K due to smaller batch sizes . Also why arent IIM A,B,C,L complaining about the larger batch sizes ?


@PMo – i guess you arent a part of any of the above mentioned colleges – so stop reacting. Most of the colleges have stopped giving stipend numbers and also the finals average packages at the above mentioned colleges have taken a hit due to the increased batch sizes.
Also, due to reservations there is a lot of difference in the profiles and CAT %ile of top 250-300 students at the large IIMs other institutes where reservations are not there. And hence when you compare offers you should compare only the ones where entry is open and not reserved across colleges. And hence the comparison of the top 250 at different IIMs with the batches of private smaller colleges with no reservations


I guess you are not even a part of any B school as yet , its nt necessary that in the bottom 250 all reserved candidates are there, though reserved candidates have lower CAT % , some of them have very good profiles and the recruiters dnt come to know about their lower CAT percentiles . So it often happens that many general candidates end up in bottom 250 , so i am just saying that stating just the average of top 250 might be misleading to aspirants as they never know in which part of the pyramid they will be in after joining the B school , hence they need to know the complete picture.

IIM I Student

u r 100% correct. In fact these campuses use the misleading term 'top 250'. These people are not the top 250 in terms of the acads or in terms of cat percentile or in terms of profile. It is the average of 'TOP 250 STIPENDS' offered.


But in this report, they have given the average stipend for total batch too. In fact, they have been so transparent that they have given the details of top 50 , top 250 etc too. For you it may not be of any use. But for any aspirant, it gives better picture, no. Ultimately in case of placement reports, every bit of information given in the public is of huge help for aspirants!


My point is , there is no point in coming out with fancy top 50's and top 250's because average is only one and any other figure given is nothing bt a trick to divert attention from the lower average .


1) Average is not only one. Depending upon sample size, their can be multiple averages.
2) You are free to interpret the way you want. May be, there will be some 500 guys from a so called better management institute, who want IIM Indore to show only the lower stipend because of any fear or whatever. But most of the remaining audience will prefer a detailed info about figures than giving just one number!


@PMo – I m a current student at one of the top IIMs in the country.

IIMI PGP student

The official placement process has ended. Only the students who opted out during the process are unplaced. But then that is their own (un)doing. If one is not confident of cracking an internship on his own, doesn't make a lot of sense to sign out, does it?
All students who were a part of the process till the end have landed an internship.

I don't know the exact no. of students who opted out.

an IIM student

avg salary of 67k…
its just impossible.. the say 100 new companie brought on campus… how can one believe that all these 100 companies are top notch companies?? most of them are startups.. and they pay a startup stipend.. i.e 15-20k..
and complete batch placed…
all this is a mirage.. I have many frnds who are not yet placed.. officially they opted out.. but why?? coz they did not had any option..
there has to be some standard of reporting placements.. I cant believe how an IIM is using such cheap tricks to improve its reputation..


Don't talk nonsense. Even 15-20K p.m. figure claimed by you leads to 30, 40 K for 2 months. So that can easily be among lower range for average to be 67 K. So 67K is perfectly believable.
Again many friends ? How many ? How ambiguous? No option to them but to opt out? This is too much.
Please re-frame the questions. Don't speak for the sake of it.


Its not that simple as it seems is it ? wat about the last 50 who were placed with zero stipend ? Imagine the impact they will have on the average .

IIM Indore student

how do you know that 50 were placed without any stipend? The number of people who went for zero stipend was v v v less than that. And all of those opted to go for zero stipend as the firms they got placed were some of the biggest brand names mentioned in the report above and the profiles offered were awesome. It makes a lot of sense to choose a good profile over a good stipend and this view is shared by the whole B School community including the team at insideIIM


My own rankings system –

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C & to some extent IIM L

Ranked 2 – JBIMS, XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


My own rankings system –

Ranked 0 – IIPM

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C ,IIM L to some extent IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 2 – , XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – JBIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 4 – NMIMS,

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


My ranking of Bschools __Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMC, IIMB, IIM L __Ranked 2 – ISB H, JBIMS, XLRI J & FMS D __Ranked 3 -SP Jain, IIM I, IIM K, IIFT __Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM __XL/FMS are no longer contenders for fifth rank as ISB has overatken them to claim fifth spot. Kudos ISB. _


Tough crowd! Good to see decent number of brands. Not easy for an IIM that's not in the top 3

IIM I student

Wait for finals report. The list will include – BCG, Deutsche Bank – Front End Ibanking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deloitte S&O, Microsoft, TAS, HUL, P&G Sales and many more

Aspirant Help

This is unfair reporting. Almost 50+ students have got unpaid internship.

If the college does not go for standard auditing,IPRS its the responsibility of insideiim to interact with either student pool of college to get the real scene.

IIM I Student

Dear Aspirant.
Kindly verify your facts. No of students going for zero stipend intern is very very less than wat u claim. Kindly read the comments above to know the truth. Also, a lot of people prefer a good profile over a good stipend and a college should ensure that all such options are available to the students