Summer Placements : IIM Kozhikode – Class of 2012-14

As stated earlier, we will not express any team opinion on any placement report published on In lieu of the various comments received asking us to revert to our original style of writing, we will write one post which encapsulates the entire season after all placement reports are published over the next 2 weeks.

Summer Placement Report – IIM Kozhikode for the Class of 2013 can be found here


Highlights of the Summer Placements at IIM Kozhikode for the Class of 2014 :

– Despite uncertain economic conditions, more than 150 companies recruited from IIM Kozhikode including a significant number of first time recruiters to hire 366 students.

– Sales & Marketing and Finance emerged as the most preferred verticals this year with more than 50% of the batch opting to pursue internship in these profiles.

– Stipends went up by 12%  compared to last year

– Over 20 international offers spanning all domains

– This season also saw a remarkable increase in the number of companies and roles in the corporate strategy, consulting and operations vertical compared to previous years.

– In a first of its kind, a music band has picked up a summer intern from IIM Kozhikode (IIM-K) to handle its social media and marketing for a few months.

– A political party hired students from IIM Kozhikode to streamline its operations across the country for a few months.

– Niche verticals like sports management, public relations attracted students’ interests, with sports management firms and PR firms making their presence felt.

– Pharmaceuticals and medical devices, NGOs,  media and advertising offered unique roles adding to the diversity.

The detailed report in the InsideIIM format is below


We would like to thank the placement committee of IIM Kozhikode for providing information in the format. We believe it will be of immense help to readers, aspirants and recruiters.

This is the fifth in a series of reports that will bring to you this season. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


Summer Placement Class of 2014:

IIM Bangalore

XLRI Jamshedpur

IIM Lucknow

FMS Delhi

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IIM K guy

I find it hilarious when business schools write 50% ‘opted’ to intern in finance and marketing. Yeah right. One has to sign out as soon as one gets an offer. And rarely do you opt where you finally end up. Almost everyone applies to all good companies coming on campus. Rather than us opting it shows companies from which domain preferred recruiting from IIM K. Where was the option? But good show overall.


"Total no. of students signing out" – not reported .

"Total no. of offers " – not reported

That is very intentionally done so as to hide the real picture … many students forced to sign out and many accepted zero stipends.


I don't think any one is here is to highlight the negatives. We are in a world where only the highest stipends, highest salaries, best companies are reported. No body talks about the bottom half of the batch. And this is true for all campuses including the top IIMs.


why is P&G absent? and they have definitely inflated their international placements number. i dont see anyone except HUL and DB giving international offers which cant be more than 10 anyday.


This year hiring has been very modest. They say in adverse times you get to know your true friends. True. In such difficult times, B-schools get to know the recruiters' preference. Accenture consulting which last year recruited from several campuses, this time stuck to four campuses only. P & G also has offered its marketing profile to four-five campuses only. And we all know which are those campuses. Bad economic scenario, bad placements!


Don't see Macquarie Bank's name in the report. Last year, it took 2 students from IIM K. It was a good profile on offer. Which all campuses has it visited this year?


No rocket science there. They have not visited K again this year. In fact 2011 was the only year they ever did. Macquarie has visited IIM L for a different role in 2012.


In good times, MacQuarie visits ABC for front end investment banking roles. Last year they went to K for the first time. This year Mcquarie Infra fund has recruited from IIML and IIMC.


Dear Team InsideIIM,

I did not understand the logic behind average stipend for top 250 offers.
I have a few doubts
1. What is the basis used for the specific no. 250?
2. Why do you use the same number for b-schools which do not even have 250 students like FMS, JBIMS or XLRI? Don't you think percentage of batch size would be a better and fair metric?

Team InsideIIM

XL and FMS have 240 odd students. When they report, they report the average for all students. In order to make stipends comparable we came up with 250. It could have been 240 or 260 as well.

We just thought 250 is a good enough number to get a fair idea about the stipends. The more critical question is whether anyone is auditing these numbers being put out. We just have to accept what they tell us.


I do not know if the above reply came from real "Team InsideIIM" bcoz you use @InsideIIM to reply and not "Team InsideIIM". Anyways…

250 is a good number if you have 450 students. But it is not really comparable for some other IIM like say A or C, which has fewer students. Bcoz 250/450 will not be same as 250/370. The distribution will be biased in favour of the b-school with more students.

And aspirants see smaller batch size of non-IIMs as a strength. So, may be along with the number of 250 you can also consider adding another metric like Top 50 or 60% of batch size which can give a better and more importantly comparable picture of the placements. Just a suggestion 🙂


40k stipend is utterly miserable compared to other iim's..this is what happens when u take people with less percentiles on the basis of their 10th and 12th board marks..


Its 40,000 for 1 month which means Rs.80,000 for 2 months. Assuming they have given the correct figure, it is not miserable by any standard.

Issue remains with the auditing of these figures. Some institutes add travel airfare and acco expenses as a part of the stipend. Most institutes just give a wrong figure.

Our view is that readers should focus on the profiles being offered than being driven by stipend figures (which may not be accurate at all)


Adding air fare and acco expenses is not entirely a wrong thing. Afterall, the expenses are borne by the company, the candidate does not pay it out of his choice. However, there is a need for standards which kind of give a template where all such expenses can be recorded in an orderly fashion.

Vipul L

abe is a newbie i guess, He has no idea how everybody inflates every figure….. but anyway hats off to IIM K for reporting everything correctly … Let brings ethics into management too


Funny comment! Does percentile decide stipend figures? IIM Bangalore follows similar admission process. Just ask any IIMB student what is the average figure there.

The larger the batch size, the lower the average. For obvious reasons.


One highlight definitely remains TAS which again took 8 , i guess thats a big number when TAS recruits around 30-35 from all campuses it visits


That is indeed very impressive given the fact that it has barely started to recruit from IIMK (as compared to other campuses). I think 8 is the highest number for any campus this time around. Good job.


with completion of 15 years good times ahead for K. Its really not about numbers and especially for Summers.. the plethora of roles and sectors seems to be the highlight.. And ya ethical reporting standards.. thumbs up to that..


Team InsideIIM is acutely aware about the 'Let's praise our own institute' contest going on right now. Please refrain from continuing this further. If you have valid facts and data which you want to put forward you are welcome. But random bragging makes the thread useless and makes the students of a premier institution look even worse.


if you are referring to the TAS comment, well its true. Its a valid fact which you can obviously verify. 35 is the official no TAS recruited last year, again you can verify this pretty easily.


IIM K is just 15 years old, comparing stipends against 40-50 year old colleges is not fair. Placements depend on how established its alums are and how good its vintage has become. It takes time to get good companies to Kampus. The picture gets further distorted when markets are tough, as it is now.

Team IIM is right by stating that profiles matter, stipend is secondary.


My own rankings system –

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C & to some extent IIM L

Ranked 2 – JBIMS, XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


My own rankings system –

Ranked 0 – IIPM

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C ,IIM L to some extent IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 2 – , XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – JBIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 4 – NMIMS,

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


My ranking of Bschools

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMC, IIMB, IIM L

Ranked 2 – ISB H, JBIMS, XLRI J & FMS D

Ranked 3 -SP Jain, IIM I, IIM K, IIFT

Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM

XL/FMS are no longer contenders for fifth rank as ISB has overatken them to claim fifth spot. Kudos ISB.