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How And Why I Got Into Microsoft Teams Ft. Ritika Gupta, Program Manager, Ex Yatra, Ex Dainik Jagran

Ritika was almost done with Microsoft. She decided to move to Bangalore, left her job, booked tickets to Tanzania for a long vacay, and packed her bags too! And then

Skills, Qualities Of A Product Manager Decoded Ft. PMs From Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft

Do you want to become a product manager? Do you wonder what a product manager actually does? What kind of background does a PM need to have? Must a product

A Marketing Manager's Journey To Amazon Prime, Seattle, USA | Ft. Pallavi Mishra, SCMHRD Alumni

Working in one of the FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google) companies is the dream of every aspiring marketer who is studying Marketing in B-school. In today’s article, we bring you

How Uber, Netflix, Amazon Drive Our Habits And Behaviour | Ft. Rajesh Srivastava, IIM Bangalore Alum

We all must have heard the famous saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. Well, this applies to business as well and the rules of businesses are constantly shifting with the

From Flipkart To Amazon To Apple - Apoorv Sharma's Journey | IMT Ghaziabad Alum

A natural storyteller and an avid design lover, IMT Ghaziabad alum Apoorv Sharma decided to take a trip down memory lane with InsideIIM. On one winter afternoon, with chirping squirrels

B-School Competitions You Should Look Forward To

The knowledge and learning B-schoolers acquire from competitions can not only spark innovation but also give tremendous value to their CV. The prize money is good enough to cover a

How I Got A Job At Amazon - Kinjal Srivastava, IIM Kozhikode

Amazon is one of the most aspired workplaces today. Be it their startup culture, leadership principles or just their products, b-schoolers hope to get an internship with Amazon. In this

MBA Taught Me Discipline - Divya Anand, Product Manager At Uber, Ex-Amazon, SPJIMR Alumna - Part 3

In this video, Divya Anand, Product Manager at Uber, Ex Amazon & HT Media, SP Jain & University of California Berkeley Alum, published author, talks about the skills of a