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Know Everything About PGDBA Course Offered By IIM C, IIT KGP, And ISI Kolkata

What do Netflix, Amazon and Tinder have in common? They use Business Analytics to dominate the business world. They treat their data as an important corporate asset and find ways

Top 15 Colleges Offering MBA In Data Science And Business Analytics

If you want to beat your competitors and maximize profits then you need to use your business-related data intelligently. In the current business world, the art of analysing data, identifying

An Added Flavour That The Analytics Club Of IIM Nagpur Brings To The Curriculum

For a typical MBA aspirant belonging to the most popular clan of B-schools “engineering”, Analytics is one other domain which creates the feeling of back to the pavilion. But analytics

Big Data Analytics In Marketing

Data is the new currency in town and all giant corporations, as always, can’t have enough of it. Google probably knows more about many of us than we know ourselves!

Do You Know How Tinder Finds A Match For You?

Do you know how Tinder finds a match for you?

5 Things To Read And Watch If You Are Interested In Business Analytics

Do you know companies like Amazon, Tinder, Netflix, American Express, etc all use Business Analytics? At first, it may sound really boring but it's not as nerdy and dull as

Business Analytics - Dejargonised - Learn With InsideIIM & MISB Bocconi

Talk Geeky to Me. The day isn't far when people will start using this as a pick-up line. And why not? Geeks are going to inherit the earth. Do you

All You Need To Know About MBA In Analytics

Smartphones and social media have facilitated data generation on an individual level, every second of the day. Data and analytics industry is set to grow at an exponential rate in