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FREE Demo Of A Tool That 97% Of Fortune 500 Companies Use

Data Analytics is no longer just a good-to-have business capability. It has become the strategic differentiator & most businesses are being restructured around it. For example, daily, Spotify users create

5 Tools To Ace Data Analytics Like A Pro!

Data analytics has been in the spotlight over the last few years. And the demand for data and analytics is still on the rise. Organizations are constantly exploring more and

The Skill That Can Skyrocket Your Career | Get Certified In 2 Months

As per a report by two scientists at the University of California, in today’s world, an average human processes as much as 90 GB of information in a day. That

It Was Tough Leaving Singapore & Starting From Scratch | Ft. Kiran Shah, Apsara Ice Creams, Part II

Marketing is about constant innovation. And it is this constant urge to innovate that led Kiran Shah to take a journey back from his cozy corporate job of a global

Scope Of MBA In Business Analytics || IIM Kashipur

Analytics is a booming field right now and there is a heavy demand for analytics professionals. An MBA in Business Analytics will give you an overall understanding of how the

Top STEM Management Programs In India, And How Much They Cost - All You Need To Know

With the COVID-19 induced lockdown and consequent travel bans, many students inclined towards STEM-driven courses in management in the US and Europe are considering abandoning their plans for an MBA

Know Everything About PGDBA Course Offered By IIM C, IIT KGP, And ISI Kolkata

What do Netflix, Amazon and Tinder have in common? They use Business Analytics to dominate the business world. They treat their data as an important corporate asset and find ways

Top 15 Colleges Offering MBA In Data Science And Business Analytics

If you want to beat your competitors and maximize profits then you need to use your business-related data intelligently. In the current business world, the art of analysing data, identifying