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Consumer Behaviour

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3 Major Skills Every Marketeer Needs To Have Ft. Dr. YLR Moorthi, IIM Bangalore | Part 2

Continuing his talk with us, Prof. YLR Moorthi takes us through some very important insights from the world of marketing. From examples of companies who have nailed the marketing game,

Is COVID-19 Affecting Consumer Behaviour Positively? - Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri, NITIE

Thanks to COVID 19, the way consumers ineract with products and services has changed drastically. From everything being available at the click of a button, to settling down for what's

Top 4 Marketing Trends & Skills To Look At Post COVID 19, Ft. Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri, NITIE

Ever wondered why we buy and how we buy? What influences our buying decisions? As a retail enthusiast or as someone interested in marketing, you need to know that each

Technology Helps Marketers In Identifying Consumer Behaviour - Here's How!

“The higher the expectations about unselected alternatives, the lower is the level of satisfaction with the chosen good.” 

From Hunting To Ordering On Swiggy | How We Became Social Media Superhumans - Prof Siddharth | MICA

In a world with more than a billion species, humans evolved as the singular leader of them all. Have you ever wondered why? Aren't we slower than a cheetah, less

The Behaviour Economics Behind The New iPhone Launches

It was that time of the year when tech enthusiasts around the world hold their breaths and wait anxiously for the next offering by the tech powerhouse Apple. Tech evangelists

Customer Co-Creation Is The Secret Sauce To Success

Customer co-creation is one of the building blocks of the interactive, participatory and collaborative information distribution web model ‘Web 2.0’, which is being exhaustively used by marketing firms to empower

On Investing In Relationships, Marriages, And Children – A Behavioural Economics Perspective

What do you look for in a relationship? Who makes an ideal partner? How much are you willing to ‘invest’ in a relationship? Why are items in a gift shop