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What Do Companies Look For In MBA Graduates?

MBAs must be more than brilliant problem solvers with exceptional abilities. They'll need some savvy as well as soft abilities. There are several opportunities in the high-tech business environment, spanning from

In-Demand Skills That Top B-School Recruiters Are Looking For | InsideIIM MBA Skills Report

What are the kind of skills that campus recruiters at top business schools are looking for? How can you make yourself more desirable to recruiters and get an edge over

25 Things Top Campus Recruiters Want Indian MBA Students To Know | InsideIIM MBA Skills Report 2020

For MBA students and aspirants, one of the most important elements of the two years spent at a business school are placements - an opportunity to interview with and get

You Can Never Lose What You Don't Have - A Guide To Rational Decision Making

Let's say you are in the middle of discussions for a position in another company that you know is just the right one for you. The position that this company

Networking - 7 Ways To Build Strategic Relationships In The Corporate World

Building and nurturing relationships, seem to come naturally to leaders. But, is this really so? If you observe closely, you will find that these very leaders have put in huge effort into

3 Essential Skills That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage In The Corporate World

Exciting times lie ahead. Soon, you will step into the corporate world. Companies will hire you to help them grow their business. Or, you will pursue entrepreneurship or something equally