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5 Uniquely Designed MBA Electives Offered At IIM Lucknow

We usually associate courses in B-schools to theoretical concepts but is that all they have to offer? Or there is more to it?

Emerging Careers In The BFSI Sector

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector across the globe is ever blooming. Especially considering the digital boom that has happened in the past decade, new innovations have rendered

A Course of Independent Study and Why You Should Consider it

The way we make choices is funny, sometimes. I remember the first year of my MBA, when I often found myself wishing with every fibre of my being that I

Top 15 Colleges Offering MBA In Data Science And Business Analytics

If you want to beat your competitors and maximize profits then you need to use your business-related data intelligently. In the current business world, the art of analysing data, identifying

Great Lakes (GLIM): Placements, Campus Life, Fees, Salary Offered, Courses, etc. | Know Your Campus

When the likes of Deloitte and McKinsey come to your campus for placements, you know you’re in good hands. Great Lakes Institute of Management, established in 2004 by Padmashree awardee

Courses You Need To Do Before Joining A B-School

If you are one amongst the pool of achievers, who’ve gotten into their dream b-school, this article is just what you wanted to read!

How To Prepare A Brief - Market Research Made Easy

This is a semi-hypothetical case study created in order to teach the concept of making a brief.

10 Best Courses I attended at IIM Indore

I never really studied in my two years at IIM Indore. I was ranked in the late 160s out of a batch of 240 students. This is an average student