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How Brands Capture Consumer Attention, Ft. Andrea R & Stefania B, SDA Bocconi

We are back with yet another conversation with two marketing stalwarts, that will bust some marketing myths and reveal new threads for you to think about.Team InsideIIM went to SDA

3 Major Skills Every Marketeer Needs To Have Ft. Dr. YLR Moorthi, IIM Bangalore | Part 2

Continuing his talk with us, Prof. YLR Moorthi takes us through some very important insights from the world of marketing. From examples of companies who have nailed the marketing game,

Marketing Concepts Made Easy - Aliensplained | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Humans have needs. That's a fact. But as a marketeer, how do you understand, analyse and utilise human needs to maximise profits, revenues, sales, awareness, etc? In this month's version

Evolving Consumer Trends That Could Change India In 2016

Marketing being an inaccurate and instinctive science, needs to always show signs of change and conform to new shoppers, their mentalities and conduct and different changes in the commercial center

The Fallacy Of Choice - Niteen From IIM Calcutta

“You can have any car you want, as long as it is black” – Henry Ford

How The Internet of Things Will Enable Digital Businesses

IoT (Internet of Things) has already established itself in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation, improving efficiencies, reducing risk and increasing productivity. These industries are replete with embedded systems

Interview with Rishiraj Singh Pruthi – Head, Customer Marketing at Abbott Nutrition.

A career in FMCG marketing remains one of the dream destinations for MBA grads and aspirants alike. However, a successful career requires much more than a good campus placement from