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We Are Richer and Yet We Feel Poorer - Views From Prabhakar

While India revels in its 7%+ GDP growth rate, decreasing inflation levels, over a 1 billion mobile phones in the country, 220 million smart phones, and as the only country

'Falling Oil Prices - Who’s losing, Who’s Gaining'

Prices of crude oil have tumbled more than 60% in last 9 months, mostly due to a slowdown in 3 largest oil importing countries- The US, China & India. This

'Inflation: From The Perspective Of Government, Investors, Industries, Consumers, Policy Makers And The Economy' - Finance With Chinmay

Inflation is a highly debated phenomenon among the media, government, policymakers and economists. While investors and consumers expect zero inflation, government and central banks need inflation to keep the economy going.

Impact of GST on Logistics Sector in India

Logistics sector in India is highly fragmented and yet to progress as a major contributor of an efficient supply chain. This sector has been primary bottleneck in driving the economic growth due

Gold Monetization Scheme – Will It Impact The Import Of Gold?

Gold Monetization Scheme – Will it impact the imports of gold?

Fault Lines 2.0 - Is The World Already Moving Towards A Depression?

The governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, who was one of the few economists to warn of the 2008 global financial crisis before it hit, recently sounded

A Tale of Economic Crisis: clé pour se connecter

September 2008, The Wall Street Journal

RBI or Government of India: The Owner Of Monetary Policy

Ever since the NDA government came to power in June 2014, the finance ministry led by Mr. Arun Jaitley and the Reserve Bank of India led by Mr. Raghuram Rajan