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ISB Hyderabad

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Skills, Qualities Of A Product Manager Decoded Ft. PMs From Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft

Do you want to become a product manager? Do you wonder what a product manager actually does? What kind of background does a PM need to have? Must a product

How I Made It To ISB Hyderabad | Admissions Process, Interview Experience Ft. Saloni Doshi, ISB Alumna

ISB Hyderabad is one of the top business schools not only in the country but also in the world. With a one-year course offered at ISB, it is one of

How I Made It To BCG | Shatakshi Sharma - ISB, Harvard Business School

Be it aspirant, student or an experienced professional, consulting is a job of everyone's dream. People are attracted to this line of work because it is not your typical 9-to-5

The Indian School of Business - Final Placements - PGP Class Of 2019 (Unverified)

ISB's Final Placements report for 2019 has been released! The Indian School of Business has had an excellent placements season in 2019, reaching an all-time high average salary for the

I Prefer Being A Manager Over A Software Developer - Anuraag Gupta, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, ISB alum, tells you about the skills a product manager needs, romance at b - school, and lots more.

I Work On A Product That Millions Of People Use For 12 Hours A Day - Anuraag Gupta, Sr PM, Microsoft

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, tells you his experience as a product manager.If you want to create a career in product management, if you are

Marketing Will Be An Engineering Function In The Future - Senior Product Manager, Microsoft - Anuraag Gupta

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft shares his journey and time at ISB, on doing an MBA as a working professional, passion for product management, and

"You Might Not Be Able To Run, But You Will Fly" | Cracking ISB Against All Odds

There are many times we face obstacles and are on the verge of giving up. We feel that nothing can help us now and we are destined to fail. However,