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Knowledge from IIM Indore: Indian Businesses and Icarus Paradox

Barlee Kaur kicks off a new series on IIM Indore - Knowledge from IIM Indore.

Nokia’s new X series without Windows - What does it mean?

As the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is coming through, Nokia has converted most of its product line to Windows Phone. The strategy behind this acquisition by Microsoft was to

Why Amazon And Google Are The Most Fearsome Companies Of The Modern Era....

Why Amazon and Google are the most fearsome companies of the modern era....

Investment Banking - InsideIIM Career Guide – Created by Kala Krishnan

For earlier Parts under this series, please click below :

MBA Live! - 1st Year Courses - OB, Economics & Marketing

(You can read the background to this series here)

Football club finances - Part 2 - On InsideIIM's Knowledge Cafe

RevenuesIn the last post, a comparison of Real Madrid’s revenues with corporate giants made club football look like a cottage industry. However, we hadn't looked at Revenue per employee and

Football Club Finances - on InsideIIM's Knowledge Cafe

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