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Learning with Films

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The Avengers And 9 Traits Of Successful Organizations They Depict

The Avengers-Endgame movie which released this Friday has been running to packed houses. Each and every person going to watch the movie is having a blast, including myself. Being a

The Great Villainous Leaders Of TV And Film

On-screen villains are meant to be despised, but to mobilize the forces of evil, the baddies quite often need to be effective managers to their minions. Some of the most

5 Must Watch Movies/Web Series For MBA Aspirants And Students

What if learning was fun? What if you can learn management lessons through the movies you watch? Well, that’s quite possible! With this article, I would try to bring out

Marketing Lessons From Bollywood - Konversations Unplugged #4

A toothpaste. A soap. Utensils. Cabs. Bottles. Things.

Analysing Godfather To Learn Advanced Competitive Strategy

Advanced Competitive Strategy is a course from the strategy domain taught by the Director of IIM Lucknow, Professor Ajit Prasad. This course while may come across as one that will

Marketing Lessons From Bollywood - Konversations Unplugged #3

Gangs of Wasseypur, Dev D, Gulaal, NH 10...these movies paint a specific picture in our heads...

Marketing Lessons From Bollywood - Konversations Unplugged #2

Ever noticed the similarity between a Karan Johar and a Yash Chopra film? The grand sets, gorgeous cast, glitz, glam and gold? Destination shoots, with special effects that make you