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Life At XLRI Jamshedpur

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Life On The Other Side Of The Wall: B-School Edition | XLRI Jamshedpur

Another year, another round of interviews. Aspirants queue up outside the gates of B-schools, hoping to make it in. Dozens of variables come into play in deciding the fate of

What I Learnt In One Year At XLRI Jamshedpur

She was sitting on the last bench on the first day when our classes officially began. While the professor was teaching, she gently raised her hand long up in the

The 7 Deadly Sins Of The MBA World | Life At XLRI Jamshedpur

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who come in with a lot of expectations and those who have absolutely none and prefer to be surprised by

Food, Fun And Harmony - Regional Committees At XLRI

The first year in a typical B-School mostly consists of some cultural shocks and a lot of pleasant surprises. After you are done trying to tame the breathing and battling

First Year MBA Survival Strategy From An XLer

If you thought getting through to a b-school was difficult, surviving it comes very close to it. Today, I have completed my first year at XLRI, and it was not

PGDM At SPJIMR Vs PGDM (BM) At XLRI - A Comparative Guide

SPJIMR and XLRI are considered to be two of the top b-schools in India. Their flagship programmes in post graduation are comprehensive and all the top recruiters go to both

How To Make The Most Of Your MBA

On March 24th, I will be a part of the graduating class of 2018 from XLRI Jamshedpur. I will leave this institute with a lot of memories and learnings. Although

What Is It Like To Be In XLRI Jamshedpur?

It’s been more than a month since I joined XLRI. It still feels like a dream. I still imagine the possibility that someone will come and pinch me and say