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A Complete Guide On Mock Test Analysis By An IIM Alumna

Attempting a Mock CAT is pretty much like having the courage to put yourself in front of a mirror that shows you the ugliest parts of you in the backdrop

How To Remain Motivated Even After A Poor Mock Test Result

Mock tests can be seriously demotivating. One day, you're sailing through a test, and on another, you're grappling with severe anxiety, unsure of what to do next after a low

CAT 2019 Mock Test FAQs Answered By Four Time CAT Hundred Percentiler

Mock test analysis is an enigmatic topic of discussion in the CAT aspirants' circle, and the process of sitting down to take mock tests and then analysing them can be

Mock Test Analysis For CAT 2019 - Tips From CAT Toppers, IIM Students

Mock tests are the most important elements of your CAT 2019 preparation, and careful analysis of your performance in these tests is crucial to optimizing your performance on the D-day.

The Right Way To Analyse Mock Tests | Tips From A CAT 99.96 Percentiler And IIM Ahmedabad Student

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Why Mock Tests Are Important For CAT Preparation

'What Strategy should I follow in order to ensure a good percentile in CAT?' This is the most asked question if we go to any CAT exam related portal.

Is CAT Really Tough? Or Is It Just About The Strategy?

This is one of the most common questions that I come across every year coming from CAT exam aspirants.To answer in simple words- NO IT IS NOT. The complexity of