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Summer Saga 2020 Winners Ft. Google, Swiggy, Bain, HUL, JPMC, ABG, TAS

Congratulations to the Class of 2019-21. You guys got it tough! Just a few months ago, we were all going through the grips of adjusting to a global pandemic. And

Experiencing The Enduring Legacy | Summers At P&G

Getting selected for a summer internship at P&G was undoubtedly one of the highest points in my career so far. From alums to professors and friends; all had spoken oodles

P&G PPO Holder From IIM Lucknow Shares Her Marketing Internship Experience

The below article covers the internship experience of Mahashweta, an IIM Lucknow student and her advice to aspirants on how to secure an internship and earn a PPO from P&G!

P&G And Circular Innovation - Strategy With RS

Procter & Gamble (P&G) wishes to raise awareness about ocean plastic & what can be done to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean.

From Mumbai To Cairo: NITIE's Team Stalwarts Share Their P&G CEO Challenge Experience

First of all, congratulations Arpit on being the national winner and also for representing the country on an international platform. Tell us how did it all start?

2 Pinoy Months At P&G At Manila, Philippines - Palak Marwah - IIM Bangalore

Internship – we had been hearing this word in its various forms, from various sources – friends, PGP2s, Professors, parents for over a year. Coming into IIM Bangalore as a

Shashank Rane's Memorable Experience With P&G - SPJIMR

One of the things that a life during MBA has taught me is that going forward a large part of my time awake will be spent in going through emails.