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Domain Specific MBA vs Regular MBA ft. WeSchool

From healthcare to rural marketing to media and entertainment, management has spread its wings to diverse sectors and there are very few institutes that provide all of it under one

How B-Schools Are Now Pandemic-Proof Ft. MDIM

Business Schools this year faced an extremely tough challenge like any other industry. Whether it was successfully onboarding the batch of 2022, or to help the existing 2021 batch with

FORE Executive (PGDM) PGPX: A Programme That Builds On Work Experience

Management Programmes For Experienced Candidates

Big Data Analytics Is The Future. Do You Have The Necessary Skills?

With an increasingly digitalized world, it is becoming more and more clear that the one thing that makes a company really rich is Data. Data has already become one of

Why Is MBA/PGDM Considered Underrated

India currently has 5500 B-Schools. Considering the fact that B-School seats have tripled in the last five years it is an ambiguity to understand exactly what is happening to the