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IIM Bangalore Student's Internship Experience With The CEO Of Reliance Digital

Exposure and Opportunities are the two things that any b-school student expects from his/her internship. But can you imagine the kind of exposure and opportunities you can get when your

The Lord Varys Of Reliance - A Summer At Reliance - 2018

What could be the similarity between this NITIE student and Lord Varys? Lord Varys and his little birds are famous for procuring information from the entire land of Westeros. Like

IIM Lucknow Student's Journey At Reliance - A Summer At Reliance - 2018

Do you know what is the best way to work? Nishant from IIM Lucknow shares what his dad told him. "The only way to work is to do something that

The Window To All Opportunities - A Summer At Reliance - 2018

What do you want to do after your MBA? A job? A good job, perhaps? But what would make you feel that you are REALLY doing something? The answer here

Life Of An Intern At Reliance Industries Limited | Sambhavi Ganguly, IIM Lucknow

While April marks the onset of the heat wave in India, for MBA students it opens doors to the industrial exposure they have been vying for, since the moment they

Summer Internship Experience At Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) - Dikshant Rana, JBIMS

Summer Internships in a B-School is one such landmark about which you start building expectations even before you join a Business School. It is as if everything in the first

Funniest Moments For Interns At #RelianceSummer – Reliance Cafe

An Internship that's only about work can make the life of a professional very tedious. The culture at Reliance is a rich blend of fun and work. In this video,

Proudest Moments For Interns at #RelianceSummer - Reliance Cafe

Interns share the proud moments from their 2 months long Internship at Reliance Industries. From ideas getting implemented at the workplace to working at Reliance's enormous refinery, Interns share moments