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Social Awareness

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No SC/ST Faculty in IIM A, B, C

Remember the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata? There was always a mention of the sacred guru-shishya (teacher-student) bond. Unfortunately, in those times, the transaction of knowledge was only reserved for

Business In The Time Of Calamity

“But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him.He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” (Job 5:8-9)

Prerna - Promoting Cashless Transactions In Villages Around Symbiosis International University

As the country moves towards a cashless economy after demonetisation, the students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune are organising a project titled “Promote cashless transaction through various digital

Social Awareness Committee of SPJIMR

Social Awareness Committee (SAC) is student-driven committee introduced newly in 2016-18, under the ADMAP (Assessment and Development of Managerial & Administrative Potential) non-classroom learning initiative of SPJIMR.  It is run