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The Top 4 Strategies To Ace Your QA Mocks - Radhika Mohta, FMS'24, CAT 99.65%iler

It is always said of the QA section, that you can use it to maximize your scores. But that works only when you try multiple strategies in your mocks and

3 Best VARC Strategies To Ace CAT 2022 | Radhika Mohta, CAT 99.65%iler

The real preparation of CAT begins when one starts giving mocks. But then, just giving it without analysing won't help anyone. And there are a few tips and tricks, that

IMS, CL, TIME - Which Mock Test Is The Best? | A Detailed Analysis

Before you analyze your first mock, and start judging yourself from that performance, you should do the homework of analyzing the various mocks available. But then, life would be easier

Top 8 Ways To Fill Academic Achievements On Your Resume | Varnika Chaturvedi, IIM K Co'23

As we covered the basics of CV making in the last article, we focused mainly on how to frame CV points and what should be the key considerations in mind.

How To Use Mocks As A Tool To Build Exam Strategy? - Ananya V. CAT 99.75%iler

CAT- one of the most prestigious exams in India is not only challenging in terms of the length of its syllabus but is also daunting because of its highly unpredictable

5 Tips To Ace Verbal Section In CAT | Kriti Upadhyay, CAT 99.83%iler, FMS Co'24

VARC is the trickiest section in CAT because, unlike LRDI and Quant, there is no finite set of rules and formulae that can help you get the correct answer. Getting

How To Frame CV Points For Summer Placements | Varnika Chaturvedi, IIM K Co'23

Congratulations to everyone who’ve just begun their journey in a B-school.  The last few months must have been a whirlwind of studying for competitive entrance exams, and practising for so

How To Manage Full-time Job And MBA Entrance Exam Preparation

In the past few months, many aspirants have reached out to me asking how I managed CAT and other MBA entrance exams and my full-time job. So, I thought I