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How This Scholarship Helped Me Transition From Mechanical Engineering To Finance Ft. Aniket Kulkarni, TAPMI

During High School, while working part-time at the library, as a resolute teenager, Aniket Kulkarni decided that he wanted to pursue mechanical engineering for his love for Formula 1, but,

How B-School Student Clubs & Committees Continue to Stay Relevant Virtually Ft. TAPMI

A Business School is not just about academic learning but also is a lot about providing peer-to-peer collaborative opportunities, helping students develop the art of dealing with diverse personalities in

How To Choose The Right B-School For Yourself Ft. Dr. Madhu Veeraraghavan – Director, TAPMI

Looking to pursue a master's degree in business? Here is your opportunity to know how you can choose the right B-School and the right program, matching your future goals to

How We Got Into Google, Intel & Schindler Ft. TAPMI Alums

Vision is a necessity, but having the courage to leap forward, the determination to continuously build on your skills till you find yourself living your dream is what makes all

What Do Top B-Schools Look For In Candidates? | In Konversation With Prof. Aditya Jadhav, TAPMI

The B-School admission process has gone through an inevitable transformation in the current time. A global pandemic and the emergence of everything virtual in the year 2020 has left a

The Journeys of a Doctor and a Lawyer To a Top Business School - Many Roads To MBA. Ft. TAPMI

Over the past two years, the world of business has demonstrated a resolute will to bring in diversity through transformed talent acquisition practices. The decision is based on the belief

How These Scholarships at TAPMI are Providing Students a Better Opportunity, Ft. Prof. Kedar Joshi

Making an investment towards business education is certainly one of the most crucial financial decisions in an individual’s life. Numerous aspirants today contemplate about the ROI of the management program

How To Ace Your B School Journey? – Making The Most Out Of The Two Years Ft. TAPMI

Finding yourself and playing to your strengths is the first step as you start your B School journey. With a multitude of diverse subjects & committees throughout your program, identifying