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Will Amazon Succeed In Food Delivery In India Or Fail Like Uber Eats

On a broader view, platforms like Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy etc. are solving the same problem of logistics and providing convenience as an experience to the end-user. Undoubtedly, Amazon is a

What Hiring For The World's Top Companies Looks Like, Ft. Abhishek De, Ex Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber

Imagine having the likes of TCS, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Uber on your CV. Abhishek De boasts of such experience and more. He is an  HR Professional, focusing on Talent Acquisition.

IIMs Adapt To Coronavirus Lockdown, Take Their Courses Online & More | MBA WEEKLY NEWS Ep 1

What's happening in the world of MBA? What are the latest updates around MBA admissions in India, the impact of Coronavirus on MBA, placements at top IIMs and other b-schools?

How Uber Supply Chain Works, Ft. Mayank Agarwal, Growth Manager, Uber, IIM L Alum

Mayank Agarwal joined the ride-hailing company #Uber at a time when the growth of the company was surging. More and more driver-partners were signing up for the facilities that they

I Declined Goldman Sachs For H&M, Ft. Mayank Agarwal, Ex Deloitte, Uber, IIM L

Right after his engineering degree, Mayank Agarwal got placed in a company where he learned the basics of Supply Chain Management. In his four years that he spent in the

Skills, Qualities Of A Product Manager Decoded Ft. PMs From Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft

Do you want to become a product manager? Do you wonder what a product manager actually does? What kind of background does a PM need to have? Must a product

How Uber, Netflix, Amazon Drive Our Habits And Behaviour | Ft. Rajesh Srivastava, IIM Bangalore Alum

We all must have heard the famous saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. Well, this applies to business as well and the rules of businesses are constantly shifting with the

How I Cracked My Uber Interview - Atul Sharma, XLRI Jamshedpur

Uber is one of the most aspired workplaces today. Be it their startup culture or just their products, b-schoolers hope to get an internship at Uber. In this highly detailed