IIMs Adapt To Coronavirus Lockdown, Take Their Courses Online & More | MBA WEEKLY NEWS Ep 1



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B-School Is Not A Placement Agency - Dr. Himanshu Rai, Director - IIM Indore, IIM Ahmedabad Alum

CAT 2020 is almost here! One day before CAT, here's a little logic around the exam for you! Dr. Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, the convener for CAT 2020 talks

IIM Calcutta's Latest Selection Criteria 2020 Released!

The IIM Calcutta selection criteria 2020 has been released! Unlike last year where there were massive changes, IIM Calcutta has only tweaked a few things this year. Read on to

Last Minute Tips & Strategies For CAT 2020 Ft. IIM A, B, C, K, 98+ Percentilers

Writing CAT 2020? Just a day to go. Lots of apprehension, fear and anticipation are being felt right now. All you CAT takers are on the last leg of your

Minimum CAT Score Required to Get Into IIMs

CAT 2020 is just a few days away and with this, the race has just begun. Each aspirant wants to give their best to grab the best seat out there.

Learn From The Mistakes Of CAT 2019 Toppers

Mistakes are our best teachers. Now that you are in the last phase, make sure you go through your past mistakes, keep them in mind and tend not to repeat

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