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How Uber, Netflix, Amazon Drive Our Habits And Behaviour | Ft. Rajesh Srivastava, IIM Bangalore Alum

We all must have heard the famous saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. Well, this applies to business as well and the rules of businesses are constantly shifting with the

How I Cracked My Uber Interview - Atul Sharma, XLRI Jamshedpur

Uber is one of the most aspired workplaces today. Be it their startup culture or just their products, b-schoolers hope to get an internship at Uber. In this highly detailed

Uber Is Transforming Under Dara Khosrowshahi - Strategy With RS

Uber is transforming. This is reflected in the new culture that Dara Khosrowshahi is trying to introduce into the world’s most valuable start up!

Brands We Love - Uber

In this new series, we stop being management students and become innocent consumers again. We look at the products and services that touch our lives, mould our human connections and

What Can Ola Do To Regain Its Lost Ground To Uber? - Strategy With RS

It seems that Ola is losing its ground to Uber.

Is Your Brand A Noun Or A Verb? - What It Means To Verbify Your Brand - Strategy With RS

#PayTM karo? Is gradually becoming a part of our day-to-day vocabulary. From Taxi drivers to roadside vegetable vendors, everyone’s urging their customers to PayTM karo - Make online payment.

Uber In China - A Journey Which Never Took Off

Uber entered China in 2013 after a test phase in Shanghai. But the company never really was able to settle in facing stiff competition from the local players. Uber was

Manideep's Internship Interview with Uber - Summer Internship at IIM Lucknow - Chapter 3

Here before you is the summer internship interview experience of Manideep A, IIM Lucknow Batch of 2017, who interned at Uber. He has obliged us with key insights into what