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7 Life Lessons From 25 Years At HUL - BP Biddappa, Vice President HR | Konversations Cafe

In the fast-paced corporate world of today, it would surprise most of the millennials to even think that an employee could spend more than 25 years in a private company!BP

People Won't Follow You Because You're The Boss | BP Biddappa VP - HR, Hindustan Unilever

Revered as the dream company on many campuses, Hindustan Unilever is also called the school of CEOs. It also boasts of leaders who stay with the company for decades, making

Dream Big But Start Somewhere | Priya Nair | Hindustan Unilever

A veteran in consumer insights, customer development, and marketing, Priya Nair has worked with iconic brands such as Dove, Axe, Rexona, Surf Exel, Close Up and Pepsodent. She was also

My 600 Hours At Hindustan Unilever | MBA Summer Internship With An FMCG Giant - Part 2

You've dreamed of being here - working at Adda, having discussions at the Bru stall and ending the day with ice-cream at the Happiness Station.Known to host one of the

What's It Like Interning At Hindustan Unilever | MBA Summer Internship With An FMCG Giant - Part 1

Summers are sun hats, beach mornings and lemonade but if you're a b-school student, things are slightly different. Your summers are no picnic; in fact, it's your chance to prove

Converted Your Call? – Meet Top Companies That Will Recruit You During Summer Placements Now

So you're on your way to a b-school this year and wondering what's next? Do you feel like your job is done? Are you looking forward to sit back and

How An IIM Lucknow Student Got A PPO From Unilever

Rezul Setia always wanted to work for Hindustan Unilever Limited and with that goal in mind, she went to IIM Lucknow for her MBA. Listen to her story of what

How To Crack The Marketing Internship At HUL Like A Pro

It's that time again. Internship placement season has arrived! In order to assist you in the best way possible, InsideIIM/ Konversations brings you a new free LIVE webinar series with